How to Cut Sushi Rolls Without Breaking it

Making a perfect Sushi roll can give anyone a great feeling of a grand accomplishment. However, this is a tricky issue. Not many people can achieve as many people make a mess of Sushi falling apart while trying to cut into pieces. So, what is the science behind successful Sushi cutting? 

First, get a sharp Japanese knife for cutting sushi rolls. Then place the Sushi roll on the cutting board.  In the next step, moist your knife blade and cut the sushi into two half. After that, cut each half into two pieces totaling into four pieces.

This cutting process is best for traditional making rolls with Nora on the outside. In case of cutting roll inside out, use a plastic cover to ensure that the topping remains in one piece/ intact as well as the rice donor falling apart.

Different Methods of Cutting Sushi Rolls Without Breaking it – You Must Know

Push and Pull Method to Cut Sushi Rolls

Have a sharp beveled knife and moist the blade with water. Then, hold the sushi by your left hand and cut the sushi into two pieces with two strokes. The first stroke should make the knife move a bit forward that will move you halfway towards the roll. Then move the knife backward to have to complete the cut.

Double Push Method to Cut Sushi Rolls

This is also two strokes Sushi cutting method that is a bit different in technique from the first method. Firstly, take a sharp Japanese knife and moisten the blade with water so that the rice can’t stick with it. Next, cover the roll using plastic wrap and then squeeze it slightly with a bamboo mat.

Then,  holding the roll by your left hand, apply gentle yet firm pressure two times that will push the knife with each pressure to move forward to make a neat and clean-cut.

Single Pull Method to Cut Sushi Rolls

Here, a single stroke is applied to cut the roll. So, the stroke must be sharp that warrants a knife that is really sharp and strong. Firstly, you need to use a plastic film to wrap the roll and use a bamboo mat to shape it up once more.  

Then take the knife and hold the sushi with your left hand. Finally, make a single forward pulling stroke to slice your sushi into 6-8 pieces as per your desire.

Use a Sushi Cutter to Cut Sushi Rolls

Still worried about cutting your roll with a knife?  Then you may try one of the many great Sushi roll cutters available in the market. They come to the market in different shapes and sizes based on the number of Sushi tools you wish to cut in one go.

There are several things that you need to consider before you decide which one to buy. There is a tabletop gadget that you can set up on the kitchen counter. Besides, there are manual as well as power devices that can cut a sushi roll into several slices.

In the case of the power-operated device, you will obviously require a power source to make it work. Every machine comes along with an instructions manual having a specific set of instructions that you must read carefully.

Tips for Cutting Sushi Rolls Perfectly-Beginner to Pro!

  • Always Use Right Sushi Rice

Sushi Rice is the most essential component of the sushi rolls as it plays a vital role during cutting rolls. So, never forget to use JAPANESE SHORT GRAIN RICE while making sushi as it will make cutting easy.

  • Moisten The Knife Blade

Japanese rice is sticky. So, always moisten the knife blade before use in order not to let the sticky rice to stick with the knife blade. Wetting the knife blade once is not enough. You have to moisten it before every use.

  • Roll Tightly and Evenly

Bind the ingredients together tightly and evenly in a compact way. Remember, rolling Sushi is an art that gets perfected with continuous practice. This will ensure a cleaner and precise cut having different ingredients.

  • Cut Only After the Nori Settles

Dampen the Nori at the sides to seal it properly. In case it seems the Nori sheet is dry, then wait to let it absorb the rice moisture before you start to cut. The roll is more comfortable to cut when the Nori is a bit damp.

A kitchen knife is completely useless for cutting sushi rolls. It will only create frustration and a complete mess. I would strongly advise using only those knives specially made for cutting sushi. Also, invest in a sharpening tool that will ensure your Sushi knife is kept in the best form or shape for any time use.

Types of Sushi Knives- Slice Rolls easier than before!

There are two kinds of Sushi Knives. The first one is a single-piece steel knife (Honyaki), and the other one is two pieces of steel knife (Kasumi). The single-piece sushi knife is the better one having a high price tag.

If you plan to make sushi frequently, then you should choose this single-piece steel knife. It is a high-quality product that is long-lasting too. For the newbies, the Yanagiba knife is a good choice. They can cut sushi rolls and thin slices of fish for you with great ease.

Finally, choosing a sushi knife for cutting sushi rolls is a personal choice. But, regardless of the type of knife you choose, make sure that the BLADE IS SUPER SHARP.

Common Mistakes While Sushi Cutting- Careful!

  • Not Using Bamboo Mat

Not using a bamboo mat for rolling sushi leads to loose rolls that fall apart easily. It is a low-cost few dollars item that can save you from the great mess and help you to make tight rolls that you can cut neatly and easily.

  • Not Measuring Water and Rice Correctly

Preparing sushi without measuring rice and water in a pot or cooker will result in a gooey texture that makes rolling and cutting very challenging tasks.

  • Using Regular Kitchen Knife

Using regular kitchen knives for cutting sushi rolls will spoil edges and frustration. Always use high-quality Japanese knives having super sharp edges, specially built for sushi roll cutting.

  • Adding Too Much Sauce to the Rolls

Adding too much sauce does make the sushi rolls squishy, which is difficult to cut using a knife. If you are a beginner, then avoid using too much sauce or condiments in your recipes.

  • Adding Too Many Fillings

Adding too many fillings will make the rolls very difficult to cut. If you are a beginner, then you better add only 1-2 fillers and make sure to slice them evenly so that the knife can cut through them evenly.

  • Using oil in the blade

Some people recommend applying oil to the blade for a butter-smooth cut. But it will also spoil the flavor of your sushi. Using water to moisten your knife blade is sufficient.

Final Thoughts

I hope by now, you have enlightened yourself with enough information about how to cut sushi rolls and related do’s and don’ts while cutting sushi at home or at the party.