Electric Smoker vs Propane Smoker

If the thought of which one between electric vs propane smoker is better one ever puzzles your mind, then you will find this article handy for getting some solid clues towards fetching the right handy implement.

Having said that, I must let you know that there is no black and white answer to this question. Instead, every solution is in the grey zone, which means it varies from user to user depending upon their objectives and preferences.
Besides, one must compare high-class items such as Weber gas or electric smokers or any other sturdy built propane smoker rather than low-class cheap smokers, which are worse than useless things. The following fundamental features can be useful keys to unlock the answer.

Electric Smoker vs Propane Smoker: Comparision Side by Side

High Heat vs Low Heat-Gas or Electric Smoker Which is Better?

    • In this issue, electric smokers outperform propane smokers.
    • This is especially true for slow and long cooking at a stable low-temperature range of 225F.
    • However, heat can suddenly reach from 350 to 400 F in the case of a propane gas smoker.

Gas vs Electric Smokers: Reliability Comparison

    • In this issue, propane gas smoker beats the electric smoker by a wide margin.
    • After all, maintaining electric equipment in the rainy and damp condition is a nightmare compared to which the cleaning propane grill really easy.

Bad weather consideration – electric or propane smoker?

    • In outdoors cooking weather condition plays a critical role. Water and electronic smokers are a dangerous combination, while propane and water are not.
    • However, propane gas smokers’ propane tank can be smoked out that can put you in a real mess. So, NEVER use an electric smoker in the rain.

Easy simplicity of use- Electric vs Gas Smokers

      • Here, an electric smoker is better.
    • Push the start/ power button and wait 20 minutes to heat up.
    • Besides, you can set it and forget it in case of an electric smoker and cooking for a digital electric smoker.
    • Propane gas steadily requires lots of prior gas flow, and temperature adjustment works.

Quality of taste- Propane Smoker vs Electric Smoker

    • The food taste or flavor resulting from the propane gas grill is generally accepted as superior.
    • The electric smoker taste is something akin to that of wood or charcoal

Operation cost- electric or a gas smoker

    • The electric smoker’s operating expenses are only $0.06 / hr.
    • The propane gas grill operational cost is almost 6 times higher than that of an electric smoker.

Gas vs Electric vs Charcoal Smoker – Useful tips about smoker purchase!

While deciding to buy a smoker, buyers come face to face the tough question as to exactly which type of smoker to buy. We provide below a few useful hints regarding this issue to help you to guide you to settle this tricky question of which smoker to buy.

Charcoal smoker vs electric smoker- taste VIS-A-VIS convenience

The choice is simple. If you crave for convenience, then you go for an electric smoker. But if you yearn for an ideal smoky flavor, choose charcoal smoker.

Electric vs Propane Smoker- Portability versus Flavor

Propane gas smoker offers excellent convenience of portability as a propane tank always provides steady fuel during outdoor trips such as beach BBQ, camping, and tailgating.

However, similar to the electric meat smoker, the smoking flavor will not be aesthetically smoky, as would be in case of charcoal smoking.

So, you must have by now got sufficient idea about the electric vs propane smoker issue.

Now, we shall introduce you to some popular queries as well as their answers below.

Can BBQ Meat be Smoked Well in Electric Smoking?

Can BBQ meat be smoked well in electric smoking

    • Frankly speaking, meat smoked by an electric smoker cannot provide authentic smoky flavor.
    • You will, therefore, get some different flavors.

Electric Smoker Pros and Cons- at a glance

Let us now throw some light on the general query regarding what are the pros and cons of the electric smoker for cooking as mentioned serially below.


  1. Accurate temperature control.
  2. Accurate time management.
  3. Hassle-free start.
  4. Less hassle for cleaning electric smokers.
  5. Digital control allows us to do other work during cooking time.


Not so aesthetic flavor.

To wrap up, I think my long talks have helped you to decide about the suitability between an electric smoker grill and a propane smoker.
To know about how an electric smoker works. We are also very anxious to have your thought about this piece of writing.