Best Indoor Electric Grill for Korean BBQ Reviews

Indoor grill equipment is a possession facilitating the user to enjoy healthy and tasty food at home. Grilled food especially meat is less fatty, more tender, and juicier. The Korean bbq grill is a unique, innovative, and elaborate kind of grilling system.

The hallmark tradition of the Korean BBQ grill is all about sharing and eating with a group of friends around the table. So, the grills are made in a way to let friends and family share and enjoy food together around the table.

There are so many Korean grill models in the major online stores. I was utterly confused when buying the first-ever grilling appliance.

So, there is a need to do some homework about which best indoor electric grill for Korean BBQ can deliver maximum authentic taste and high-end performance with minimum effort.

To ease your purchase decision, we have herein provided a review of some of the best Korean BBQ products on the market. Further, we have included vital FAQs, BBQ methods, serving tips, a buyer’s guide, and so much more.

So wait no more, dive in to explore everything you need to know before buying a Korean BBQ grill.

You will also get along with the barbecue manual that provides details of the types of cooking as well as the different kinds of courses in your grill set-up and recipes will also be given to you.

Best Indoor Korean BBQ Grills Reviews

1. Philips Smoke-less Premium Black grill

Philips Avance Indoor Grill HD6371/94 (Renewed)

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  • Dimension: 8 x 17 x 22 inches
  • Grilling Area Size: 13 x 9.5 inches
  • Weight: 15.5 lbs
  • Maximum Heat: 446 Fahrenheit
  • Material: 18/8 Stainless Stee
  • Switch: On/Off
  • Power Rating: 1660 Watt
  • Voltage: 120 volts
  • Color: Black

The Philips smokeless indoor electric grill bestows the ultimate excitement of indoor grilling minus the smoke. This mighty grill is configured with innovative features like ultramodern infrared heating technology that lets you grill your food perfectly and controls oil splattering caused by burning fat.

Modern smokeless technology directs the heat towards the food while minimizing the smoke. The electric Korean BBQ grill heats up fast to its maximum temperature of 446 Fahrenheit, which is the optimum temperature for searing meat. So, you can enjoy soft and juicy meat.

The non-stick cast aluminum grill prevents stubborn food or residue deposits on the grill. So, cleaning becomes easy. Besides, the glass cover prevents fat spluttering to keep the cooking area clean and free from grease.

The wide grates leave nice roasted marks on everything you grill on it such as meat, fish, chicken, fruits, vegetables, and many more. The easily detachable parts also make the cleaning job a breeze. The fat is separated into a grease tray for lean grilling.

Top features

  • Advanced Infrared Heating Technology
  • -Ft extended Chord Length
  • Special heat reflector for even grilling on all sides
  • Warm function to retain heat in food items for long hours
  • Non- slip feet
  • Non-Stick
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 80 % Less Smoke
  • Leaning Grilling
  • 1-year limited warranty


  • Heat adjustment is not required
  • 90 days renewed guarantee
  • Virtually no smoke- or emissions


  • Sometimes nonstick comes off the grill.

2. Power XL Grill and Griddle Plates

Power XL Smokeless Electric Indoor Removable Grill and Griddle Plates, Nonstick Cooking Surfaces,...

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  • Dimension: 21 x 15.4 x 8.1 inches
  • Cooking Area 13.5″ X 8″
  • Weight: 17.4 pounds
  • Material: Nonstick coating, Heavy-Duty Die-Cast Aluminum
  • Cooking Area: 108 square inches
  • Cooking Temperature: up to 450 Fahrenheit
  • Power Rating: 1500 Watt
  • Cord Length: 2 feet

With a comparatively small cooking area of 108 square inches, Power XL Smokeless Grill is great for 2-3 people. This portable model is powered by a 1500-watt heating system that raises the heat to the maximum level of 450 Fahrenheit.

The smart-looking control panel shows the accurate temperature throughout the cooking time to take out the guesswork while cooking your favorite dish.

Additionally, the transparent lid prevents all the messy splattering to make cleaning so easy. Furthermore, there is a drip tray to collect all the grease and extra oil in one place. The entire system makes disposal easy after the cooking is done.

The power grid motor extractor technology is one of the most distinct features. It sucks up all the smell and smoke, so you don’t have to breathe them in.

Yet another great advantage of this Korean tabletop grill is the flexibility to change from grill to griddle. That means if you want barbecue then you can use the grill side of it and if you want to cook little grilled pork then you can switch to the griddle side with little effort. Cleaning is also simple.

First, dispose of oil from the tray and remove the plates. Then, use a kitchen towel to wipe the excess grease and finally put them in the dishwasher. After drying, you are ready to use them again.

Top features

  • Completely Smokeless
  • Great for Indoor Grilling
  • Ideal for Korean BBQ
  • 60 Days limited Warranty
  • Alternative for Gas/ Charcoal Grill


  • Easy to clean
  • A thoughtful gift item
  • Versatile (grates to griddle)
  • Temperature Control
  • Proper Heat Distribution
  • Great Value for Money


  • Temperature Issue was Found

3. Delonghi BG24 Perfecto

De'Longhi Perfecto Indoor Grill with Lid

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  • Dimension: 19.7 x 13.2 x 6.7 inches
  • Cooking Area: 172 sq. inches
  • Weight: 11 pounds
  • Cord Length: 3.5 feet
  • Power Rating: 1500 watts
  • Heating Range: up to 450 Fahrenheit
  • Material: Non-stick Coated Die- Cast Aluminum

Having 172 square inches of cooking space Delonghi BG24 Perfecto Indoor electric grill can grill enough mouthwatering food for as many as 4-5 people at the same instance. This indoor electric grill is powered by an inbuilt 1500W power Korean bbq grill plate heating system.

Its 5 setting thermostats can control the temperature that can go as high as 450 Fahrenheit (safe for healthy cooking). In addition, the tempered glass lid keeps the grill’s surroundings clean. So, no more worries about the painful cleaning of splattered butter or oil all over during cooking.

The removable drip tray makes cleaning so easy. It will collect all the grease and fat in one place thus letting you dispose of them easily after cooking.

The removable grill plate also makes cleaning a seamless task. Use wet clothes to wipe the grill before placing it in the dishwasher. After washing, the dried plate is ready for use once more. However, the lid is close to the cooking surface, so, sometimes it might be difficult to sear thick items.

Top features

  • 5 Inbuilt Temperature Settings
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty
  • Grill Plate Is Removable
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Grill Marks Searing Cooking


  • Easy to Use, Clean, and Assemble
  • Removable Drip Tray and Grill Plate
  • Durable and Stylish
  • Accurate and Presentable


  • LID Is Little Close to Cooking Surface

4. Zojirushi EB-CC 15 Indoor Electric Grill

Zojirushi EB-CC15 Indoor Electric Grill , Black

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  • Dimension: 20.5 x 14.1 x 6.1 inches
  • Overall Measures: 12 5/8 x 18-3/4 x 3 inches
  • Non-Stick Grill Surface Area: 12-1/2 x 9-1/4 inches (Family size)
  • Weight: 1.03 pounds
  • Electrical Rating: 120 volts/ 1300 watts
  • Material: Cast Iron (Grill Top)
  • Grilling Surface Area: 12½ X 9¼ inches.

Zojirushi EB-CC 15 electric grill is the perfect equipment to prepare any BBQ grill dishes indoors. You can set this 1300-watt Korean bbq tabletop grill anywhere. So, grilling becomes easy both inside the kitchen and outdoors especially, if you want to use it for local events. No need to drag a bulky charcoal grill anymore.

Besides, you can grill anything that you desire such as kebobs, burgers, steaks, and brats, etc. All thanks to the large cooking area of 12 inches wide and 9 inches deep, which is considered a big size for this type of grill.

Furthermore, you can adjust the temperature easily using the small control knob ranging from 176 to 410 Fahrenheit. After the cooking is done, let the grill cool down completely before you clean it which is a snap.

Made of heavy-duty cast iron, this Korean barbecue grill becomes better as you use it more. However, just don’t put it in the dishwasher with the drip pan. Hand wash it first, in case you need to. And you can grill, wipe, and season if you like. The top is separable from the grill and you can take it for an outdoor grilling session.

Top features

  • Variable Heat Control
  • Cool Touch Handle to Move the Hot Grill Safely
  • Designed to Separate the Extra Fat Away from Food for Healthy Cooking.
  • Non-Stick Cooking Area
  • Instruction Manual Available (in English)


  • Large Cooking Area
  • Safe Cooking (Will Not Heat If Not Set Rightly)
  • Dishwasher Safe Drip Tray
  • Easy to Clean and Use
  • Healthy Cooking


  • Takes a Long Time to Cook According to a Few Customers’ Reviews.

5. Maxi-Matic 14″ EMG – 980B

Maxi-Matic Smokeless Indoor Electric BBQ Grill with Glass Lid Dishwasher Safe, PFOA-Free Nonstick,...

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  • Dimension: 17.2 x 17 x 4.1 inches
  • Weight: 6 pounds
  • Indicator Lights: Yes
  • Adjustable Temperatures: 250-450 F
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Black
  • Electrical Rating: 1400 Watts 120V – 60Hz

The Maxi-Matic EMG -980B indoor Korean BBQ grill has taken its place in the list of electric Korean barbecue grills thanks to its inbuilt power source. So, plug it in any normal power supply source and the grill will start running. So simple! 5 different heat adjustments facilitate various forms of cooking functions on the same unit.

So, you can cook steaks, veggies, ribs, and salmon at once. No doubt it is a highly time-efficient cooking device. Besides, the electric Korean bbq grill pan with non-stick coating ensures that you will never have to deal with stuck food or materials during cleaning

No manual cleaning is required because it is dishwasher safe. And it is safe to use too. The glass lid will protect you from hot splash while the cool touch base and handle protects your hands from the burn and mishap.

Moreover, its unique cooking process ensures the heat circulates over the grill evenly so that the fat drops away from your food during grilling which is good for health. It comes to the market with an EXCLUSIVE 1 YEAR WARRANTYalong with free instructions manual and recipe guide.

Top features

  • Thermostat Control Knob
  • 5 Different Heat Settings
  • Non-Stick Coating Tray/ Pan
  • Indicator Light
  • Glass Lid
  • Cool Touch Base and Handle
  • Extra-Large Non-Stick Grill Plate (14-Inches Round)


  • Easy to Clean and Assemble
  • Safe for Use
  • Healthy and Fast Cooking
  • Different Accessories Provided with The Grill
  • Dishwasher Safe Components


  • Warranty Period is Shorter Compared to That of Its Peers.

6. PRESTO 09020 Cool Touch

Presto 09020 Cool Touch Electric Indoor Grill

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  • Dimension: 19.75 x 3.38 x 13.06 inches
  • Weight: 5.5 pounds
  • Material: aluminum
  • Cooking area: 16 x 10 inches
  • Wastage; 1300 watts
  • Chord length: 38 inches
  • Temperature range: 200-400 degrees

Being an electric grill, PRESTO 09020 cool-touch indoor grill will exceed your expectations regarding food texture and moisture. Meat and vegetables will come out just the way you want depending, of course, on the seasoning.

This grill also cooks Korean recipes well with grill marks. Though it doesn’t have any lid it’s not a big problem as it does very little spluttering. You can put an aluminum foil over it that will work great. A lid also dries your food out.

This electric Korean BBQ grill also comes with an instruction manual that has a list of recommended temperatures for cooking different types of meats. It can also grill all types of fish. As for cleaning, a regular brush, as well as a sponge, would do a great job.

You can use a paper towel to wipe clean and then run hot soapy water over it in the sink. Just make sure that the electric socket doesn’t get submerged. So, it is very easy to clean.

Furthermore, the cooking surface area is non-stick. The bbq equipment comes with a spatula that helps in keeping the surfaces clean during cooking.

You can cook chops, chicken, fish, shrimps, ribs(boneless), and lots more with it. It doesn’t emit too much smoke and it is portable too. Besides, the grease drains off into a little plastic drawer attached to the grill for healthy cooking.

Top features

  • Fits in Most Dishwasher models
  • Fits on a Standard 18 Inches Kitchen Cabinet
  • (Spatula Included)
  • Master Heat Control Maintains Accurate and Uniform Heating While Cooking on Automatic Mode
  • Cool Touch Base on The Front and Both Sides
  • Slide Drip Tray to Empty the Cooked Food
  • Dishwasher Safe (Heat Control Removed)
  • Raised Grid Cooking Surface


  • Easy to Use and Clean
  • Healthy Cooking and Safe
  • Auto Temperature Control Maintains Accurate Heat
  • Drain Off Grease into Drip Tray


  • No Lid
  • Not Removable Cooking Surface
  • No Reversible Griddle
  • Not for Outdoor

Things to Consider While Buying Korean BBQ Grills

The modern Korean BBQ grills are manufactured to perfection offering cutting-edge technology and features. There are several advanced models made for contemporary homes with compact spaces.

When buying an indoor electrical Korean grill, herein are the certain aspects worth focusing on to ensure choosing the best one for your needs:

Types of Korean BBQ Grills

There are three kinds of Korean grills available in the market: (Please read Q4 in the FAQs below for more details)

  • Electric grills (mostly smoke-free and portable)
  • Stovetop grill pan (powered by gasoline or propane)
  • Charcoal grills (not recommended for indoor cooking)

Size of the Cooking Pan

This depends on the needs of the user. Consider your cooking needs.

For how many people are you cooking food?

The pan area of 12 inchesx10 inches or higher is ideal for a family of 4 people. But if you are planning a barbeque party bash, it’s necessary to consider models with a bigger cooking pan.

Grease Management

No matter what you cook on the grill pan, it is going to produce some amount of grease when the fat melts. Some advanced electric grills have grease collector plates. Choosing a model with a separate grease tray eases the cleaning job after cooking.

Source of Heat/Energy

Korean grills for indoor cooking are mainly powered by gas or electricity. We do not recommend buying a charcoal model unless you have a barbeque set up in a large backyard.

Some stovetop equipment comes with a portable stove for outdoor cooking. Hence it is up to you to choose the grill based on your needs.

Non-Stick Coated Pan and Grills

Cleaning the pan and grills after cooking is a messy job. The non-stick coating makes the entire chore a seamless task. You can easily wipe off the grease, spices, and other residues using a wet cloth or paper towel.

Apart from easing the cooking and cleaning processes, the non-stick coating adds to the durability of the pan. Thick deposits on the pan surfaces cause corrosion of the material during the rigorous cleaning, interference of strong detergents, etc.

Burner’s Heat Range (BTUs)

The amount of power consumption while cooking on an electric grill is measured in BTU. Obviously, the large models require a higher BTU to liberate the required heat.

Hence, if you need a grill model only for the family, it’s preferable to choose small, lightweight equipment.

The heat range of the burner is also another point of consideration when buying an electrical Korean BBQ. It determines the type of meals you can prepare on the equipment.

Product Dimensions

Often buyers are so fascinated with the overall looks and features that they forget to check the product dimensions. This is eminent if you want something for a small space.

Watch out for the space available in your home before buying. Additionally, you must leave some empty space on all sides for the device to cool down properly. This ensures greater durability and performance.

Weight of the Grill Equipment

Are you looking for a portable grill?

Some people prefer using a model that they can carry conveniently outdoors as and when needed. This is where the lightweight items come to your savior.

If you want to move your grill too often, we recommend choosing a 12-14 inches grill. This is easy to shift in the patio, take outdoors for camping, picnic, etc.

Other Features

While the above ones are the basic considerations, you must take note of some other factors as well:

Check the items included in the package. Some items are inclusive of grill accessories offering greater value for money. Find models that offer an extended warranty period for complete peace of mind.

How to Prepare A Korean BBQ Party?

Surprisingly there is nothing much you need to do to prepare for a Korean BBQ grill party at home!

However, if you are doing it for the first time, herein are a few easy tips to make it a breezy experience. For the sake of smooth operation make sure to arrange all your ingredients beforehand.

Get the Best Meat

Meat is an integral part of Korean barbeque recipes. The most popular meat items of Korean BBQ are raw pork belly, marinated pork belly, brisket, bulgogi and beef, and tongue.

Want to add even more? There’s plenty of options for you.

If you are a seafood lover then you can add shrimps, mussels, and scallops.

Besides, you are free to grill any fish or poultry you can imagine to make it truly your personalized Korean BBQ party!

Add Some Vegetables For Flavorful Wraps

Don’t forget to prepare the vegetables beforehand. This may include thinly sliced garlic, raw sliced onion, spicy green pepper, and even kimchi. You should also keep ready some wraps to put a piece of meat, veggies, or sides on them.

The best options for wraps include Korean perilla leaves or Korean lettuce, Sesame leaves, etc. Don’t forget to prepare the vegetables beforehand. This may include thinly sliced garlic, raw sliced onion, spicy green pepper, and even kimchi.

You should also keep ready some wraps to put a piece of meat, veggies, or sides on them. You can also use some Korean perilla leaves or Korean lettuce or any lettuce or mix of lettuce and perilla leaves.

Don’t Forget the Sauces

General dipping sauces are a must-have item for any Korean BBQ party.

You don’t need to go overboard, Try the simple sesame oil sauce prepared with salt and black pepper mixes. The other sauces to make mouthwatering dips include the soya sauce mix with wasabi sauce.

This is as simple as it sounds. Just mix wasabi in soy sauce according to your liking. And that’s all!

Don’t have time to prepare the sauces. Not a problem.

You can try:
• GochJang medium spicy Korean chick paste (Check on Amazon)
• Ssamjang spicy Korean dipping sauce (Check on Amazon)
• Doenjang which is a soya bean paste (Check on Amazon)

Electric Grill

As you have decided to cook inside the home, make sure you are using smokeless indoor electric Korean BBQ grill equipment.
Check the knobs, electric adapters, heat output, and cooking utensils properly related to an electric grill.

What Are Some Popular Korean BBQ Options?

popular Korean barbecue

The most popular Korean barbecue is bulgogi. This is simple to make with thin slices of marinated beef tenderloin or sirloin.

Galbi is yet another immensely popular Korean barbecue dish. It is made of marinated beef ribs.

Apart from these popular BBQ items, there are some other options you may consider. These are mostly prepared with both marinated and non-marinated meat. Today these savory Korean culinary delights have become famous worldwide.

Bulgogi Method

Bulgogi is normally marinated in soy sauce, sugar, water, garlic, pepper, and sesame oil. Traditionally, a perforated dome griddle, which sits on a brazier was used for cooking bulgogi. Over time, pan-frying has also become a popular cooking method.

Galbi Method

Galbi is prepared with a marinade of soy sauce, sugar, onions, garlic, and water. This appetizing recipe is prepared with beef ribs.

Other Varieties

There are several other popular varieties of Korean BBQ. You can’t miss Chadolbegi, which is quick and easy taking minimum cooking time. The finely sliced beef brisket is used to make it. It gets cooked as soon as it comes in touch with the hot pan.

Samgyeobsal is also a flavorsome Korean BBQ item. It is made of thicker strips of unsalted pork belly. This is a soft, delicious fatty cut of meat. The low pork price in Korea makes this barbecue very popular.

Besides, Deungshim, made from Sirloins and boneless ribs marinated in sesame oil, sesame seeds, salt, and crushed garlic, is also very popular.
There are other varieties of Korean BBQ which are also popular. Chadolbegi is one of them. Finely sliced beef brisket is used to make it. It gets cooked almost as soon as it comes in touch with the hot pan.

Samgyeobsal is also a popular Korean BBQ item. It is made from thicker strips of unsalted pork belly. This is a fatty cut of meat that is delicious and soft too. Low pork price in Korea makes this barbecue very popular.

Besides, Deungshim, made from loins and boneless ribs is also very popular.

Tips for Your Korean BBQ Party at Home

  • Cook your items only on pre-heated grills.
  • Put pork bellies on the grill first and then lubricated the entire grill pan with pork belly grease to season the meat for extra taste. Remember, when you put the meat in the middle, the fat will flow slowly down to the veggies on the side enhancing the taste and the flavors. Put your veggies on the grill first even before the meat as the veggies take more time to cook. Do that only if you want more than normal cooking for your veggies.
  • Don’t overcook the meat. Cooking each side for 2-3 minutes is enough. Also, do not flip the meat constantly. The meat will lose the juice entirely if flipped too many times. Cook completely one side before cooking the other side. So, don’t flip too often.
  • Use lettuce wraps to put some meat and sides in it. But avoid overstuffing. Make sure that one or two bites are enough to eat them.
  • Keep wet wipes or paper towels nearby. Your hand will be messy!
  • Never forget to keep an extinguisher for safety. You may need to use it. Just in case.

What are Popular Korean BBQ Side Dishes?

No Korean BBQ party is complete without side dishes. And there must be tons of it!

And as always at any Korean BBQ party, you can set your imagination free and innovate with whatever you like.

In any traditional Korean BBQ party, you will find lots of steamed Korean rice, cucumber sticks, bean sprouts, spicy cucumber salad, pickles, jalapenos, pickled radish, spinaches, etc.

And then make varieties of Kimchi. You can make cabbage kimchi, radish kimchi, perilla kimchi, and cucumber kimchi.

Pajeori is one such highly popular side dish. Pajeori is a green onion salad, you can eat with gogigui with a selection of fresh vegetables such as pepper, lettuce, and cucumber.

The popular Korean way to eat barbecue is to cover the meat with a lettuce leaf and add some salad to it. You may try pajeori or ssamjang which is a hot paste made with a mix of doenjang and GochJang.

Popular drinks that accompany Korean BBQ Party

Drinks are the cornerstone of Korean BBQ parties. It is a tradition to serve Western or Korean beers that perfectly complement the delectable barbeque food. OB and Hite, also called the “Coors of Korea”, are two must-have beers to have the ultimate savoring experience.

However, you may also try Soju, which is something like sweet mild vodka. You may even taste Mageolli, a milky white unfiltered rice brew. It is also popular in Korea to play a drinking game during a barbecue party for a truly mesmerizing event.

How to Clean and Maintain Korean BBQ Electric Grill

Proper maintenance and cleaning are mandatory for the Korean grill and related accessories to make sure that your equipment is always in good shape.

However, don’t lose your sleep because it is not a difficult thing to do. It is really easy.

Regarding the non-stick BBQ grill pan, just use a sponge and water to remove anything that gets stuck on the grill. However, if you do the cleaning a long time after cooking this may not work. In that case, soak the pan in water for some time and then use the sponge again. The ingrained deposits will come off the pan.

However, never use any metal scrubber as this would damage the non-stick coating.

For grill with grates, you may use a sponge and water to clean. If that doesn’t work then you have to use a steel wire scrubber, which is quite cheap and available on Amazon.

#Pro Tip: It is recommended to clean the grill promptly after every use. It will take no more than just 3 minutes to clean the grill after use.
The length of your grill’s life, its exterior looks, and the quality of operation depend greatly on how well you take care of your grill.


Q 1: Are Korean grills fully safe for indoor use?

Korean grills are inherently designed for indoor use. However, you better keep your place well ventilated because many grill models do produce some smoke though they are advertised as smoke-free.

Q 2: What food can I cook on it?

You can cook just anything that you cook on your normal grill such as steaks to grilled veggies. A Korean grill can cook you delicious meals made on your tabletop. However, the cooking area and heat output are less than those of regular outdoor grills.

So, cooking huge steaks at a big party might not be possible.

Q 3: Can I use a Korean BBQ plate as a Stove top model?

Yes, you can. Simply put the plate on the stovetop and then start heating it until it is extremely hot. Then bring the heat down to medium-low and keep it at that heat level during the entire process.

Q 4: What are the main types of Korean BBQ?

There are mainly three kinds of Korean BBQ- stovetop, electric, and charcoal.

  • The stovetops’ fuel sources are propane or gas that gives them the capacity to reach a high temperature.
  • Electric grills use heat instead of flame and so can’t reach a high temperature that open flame can.
  • A charcoal grill is really hot but requires heating time. Besides, the charcoal grill is not suitable for indoor use as they create heavy smoke.

Final Thoughts

It’s fun to cook authentic Korean BBQ in an indoor smokeless electric grill at home. But never forget to follow the vital instructions regarding heat, temperature, and others for any special dishes to get the ultimate experience when using an indoor electric BBQ grill.  We have chosen the abovementioned models based on personal experience as well as user ratings on popular online stores. Do follow our buyer’s guide to ensure choosing the best equipment on the market.

I hope you enjoyed reading our Korean BBQ grill reviews. Now that you have got some ideas on what to cook on an electric indoor grill, it’s time to plan some scrumptious dishes for your guests.

It’s better to start with something easy to cook and then steadily move forward to enjoy your future Korean mouthwatering meals. All you need is the best indoor electric grill for Korean BBQ. Finally, we are very eager to know your experience with Korean grills if you have any.

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