Best Grill Mat For Composite Deck in 2021

The composite deck is a great blessing that lets us enjoy the thrill of the outdoor grill party. However, to enchant us, it has to suffer from catastrophic burn spots from the burning coal as well as discoloring resulting from grease and sauce that deface the otherwise ever graceful appearance of the deck and turn it into an ugly and disgusting object.

Therefore, using the best grill mat to safeguard the composite decks make great sense rather than a waste of money. No wonder then buying the best grill mat for a composite deck is always a sound and smart small investment that fork out the huge return by protecting the expensive deck beneath the grill machine and safeguarding the elegance and enhancing the life span of the pricey deck.

What is Grill Mat for The Deck?

The grill mat is an extremely handy implement that adds as a defensive shield for the deck from the incessant destructive and spoiling encroachment of splashes and spilling of grease, sauce, and other liquid during cooking.

Therefore, it is the low-cost safeguard of the highly expensive deck. Besides, using folded canvas under the grill or pit as a low-cost alternative to grill mat is an illusion that plays the role of a double whammy as after a very short span of time, spills and splashes ruin the tarp and remain stuck with the mid grease.

Why Grill Mat is Essential for Deck?

Common sense dictates that the grill mat should be bigger than the exact need for keeping extra-provision against hazards.

Among the two most popular, highly durable mats (soaking, repelling) have many positives and few negatives. The first one, a foldable mat, will entrap the grease and soak them up inside its soak-able layers. Furthermore, it is easy to carry and easily cleanable water (no scrubbing required).

The other one applies repulsive contents forcing the grease to settle atop the mat, which is cleanable at a later time.

On the flip side, the repellent mat becomes a source of danger if there are children and pets around the deck. Ultimately grill mat will maintain the cleanliness of the grill space and also protect the deck and floor as well as lengthen the life of the deck. Lot using it is therefore amateurish and unprofessional.

Reviews For the Best Grill Mat For Composite Deck

Different grill mats are in the market to cater to the needs of different types of decks (wooden, composite). So, you may get puzzled about which one to choose and pick that will serve the purpose best. Therefore, let’s walk through our list of grill mats, which will serve as an excellent guide to guide you to your right choice of quality composite deck mat.

1. Grilltex Under the Grill Protective Deck and Patio Mat – Best Under the Grill Mat

GRILLTEX Under the Grill Protective Deck and Patio Mat, 36 x 63 inches

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Do you want to keep your decks, patio, and garage floor look ever fresh? The answer is the GrillTex grill mat (63 x 36 x 0.1 inches, standard) that is large enough and fits perfectly with the grill.

This heavy-duty 7.28lb protective mat (arrives rolled with a 1-year limited guaranty) with front extension mattress will act as a protective barrier of your floor, composite decks against the inevitable spills or liquid splashes (sauce or butter) coming from grill and fire pit for a feast. Made of incredible heat resistance synthetic rubber (100% recyclable), it can stand up to 500-degree F also fits perfectly.

Having anti-weathering fungus inhibiting elements, it has anti-microorganism which makes the mattress looks great. Cleaning works simple and great (variety of sizes of mattresses) by water and soap or garden hose.


  • Easy To Roll And Store.
  • Easy To Clean.
  • Trimmed According To Size.
  • No Harmful Chemical Mixed.
  • Fungi static Agent Stops Deterioration.
  • 1-year Guarantee.


  • Not Fireproof.
  • Cannot Absorb Water.

2. Diversitech Outdoor Gas Grill BBQ Floor Mat

Diversitech Outdoor Gas Grill BBQ Floor Mat 48' x 30' - Absorbant Protection for Decks & Patios,...

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Diversitech outdoor grilling mat warrants protection of wood, bricks, stones, composite decking surface, and patio from ugly stains resulting from spills and splashes. This gas grill splatter mat serves a purpose in a great way by entrapping grease and other liquid.

Having a 30 x 0.2 x 48 inches size, it is compatible with any deck surface size. Besides, being made of 100% recyclable and reversible NON-WOVEN FIBER MATERIAL, it would not join with deck material.

This is a real heavy-duty absorbable mat able to hold liquid 5 times its weight and best for gas grill. Easy to clean with soap and water (hose) and hang dry.No rubber backing ensures no damage to decks.

The grill splatter mat is lightweight (1.5 lb.) is easy to carry. This piece of felt is highly durable and weather-resistant, surely worth the money.


  • Reversible Mat.
  • Heavy Duty Absorbent Surface.
  • Environment Friendly.B06X9H7XDH
  • Anti-Weathering.
  • 5x Time Water Holding Capacity.


  • Not Made for Extreme Heat.
  • Not Trimble.
  • Rainwater May Pass Beneath Mat.

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3. Tuffy Rubber BBQ Grill Mat for Outdoor Grill

Tuffy Grill Mat, 42' x 30' Rubber BBQ Grill Mat for Outdoor Grill, Deck, or Composite Deck

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Tuffy Grill Mat works great as a protective pad for composite deck or patio as an indoor-outdoor BBQ grill mat.

70% rubber content mix makes it highly recyclable plus waterproof. Manufactured and assembled in the USA, it serves very well against the heat of charcoal, wood pallet, gas, or electricity up to 500-degree F.

However, it is not fire-resistant. The feature of repelling animal fats, grease, fish outs, sausage, and marinades make cleaning easy through single soap mixed warm water wash.

This versatile mat works great as a garage oil mat, patio mat, protective mat, lawn mat, grill smoker mat, trash bin mat, tent, or garage entry entrance mat.

It comes rolled with 42″ x 30″ and 60″ x 30″ inches giving coverage to surfaces small or big.

This 7 lb. trimmable mat is easy to fold, clean, carry, and store. It is a great and very durable mat also. However, the heavy rubber element produces a strong odor lasting few days.


  • Flexible and Bendable.
  • 100% Water-Proof.
  • Good for Composite Deck.
  • an Be Cut Down to Size.
  • Safe Under Smoker.


  • Not Fire-Proof.
  • Unusable Under Fire Pit.
  • Can Not Protect Table Top From Heat.

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4. Montana Premium Grilling Gear For Gas or Electric Grill Mat

Premium Gas Grill Splatter Mat by Montana Grilling Gear for Gas or Electric Grill – Use this...

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The perfect sized (48 x 30 x 0.1 inches) environmentally friendly PVC-free splash and spill-absorbing Montana premium grill mat do a great job of protecting the expensive deck and patio from becoming ugly and dirty stains during the outdoor BBQ party.

This 11 lb. is composed of non-sliding and leak-proof to prevent skid to ensure fluid collection and disposal without a mess. Cleaning is so easy via simple handwash with detergent soap mixed water, ensuring year after year use.

This premium grill mat offers a real multi-dimension use such as a home entry mat, furnace oil collection mat, or beneath the vehicle.

This Montana Grilling Gear works great for electric or gas grills, and rainwater can inflict no harm to it. No wonder why it is so great grill mat is so budget-friendly.


  • Non-Leak Feature.
  • Absorbent Surface.
  • Non-Skid and PVC Free.
  • Easy To Wash and Trimmable.


  • Not Fireproof.

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5. Napoleon 68001 Mat Grill Accessory

Napoleon 68001 Mat Grill Accessory, Grey


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It makes excellent sense to use Napoleon mats as a great protector of grills against grease, ember, sauce upon costly grill deck or patio, or concrete surface during the outdoor BBQ party.

Non-slip Napoleon Grills Commercial Grill Mat (Made in China) with 32 x 47 x 0.1 inches diameter, which is sufficient size to cover more than adequately deck and floor beneath.

This PRO & Prestige 500 Series environment-friendly (PVC free) grill mat not only foldable but also easily trimmable as well as fireproof absorbing heats up to 1000-degree F.

Besides, this 9.93 lb. heavy-duty mat is ultra-durable and a perfect match smaller grill. Made of resilient material, it prevents accidental fire due to a drop of red-hot charcoal or uncontrolled spark.

The diamond-shaped plate pattern and grey color infuse beauty and style. Easily cleanable through wiping greasy leftovers to erase stains. This made in china Napoleon Commercial Grill Mat offers high value for money.


  • Flame Resistant.
  • Easy to Clean And Roll.
  • Highly Durable.
  • Heavy-Duty Yet Smooth.
  • Perfect for Composite Deck.
  • Environmentally Friendly and durable.


  • Does Not Absorb Liquid.

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6. Cuisinart CGMT-300 Premium Deck and Patio Grill Mat – Heavy Duty Grill Mat

Cuisinart CGMT-300 Premium Deck and Patio Grill Mat, 65” x 35'

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What makes the heavy-duty barbecue Cuisinart grill mat distinct from others? Well, firstly, this high quality and 11.83 lb. heavyweight carpet stay fixed on any surface. Made of 100% PVC material, it is durable and easily foldable plus waterproof.

Additionally, its weather-resistant characteristics due to the blending of waterproof elements with fabrics let it stay outdoor season after season! Cleaning is really simple. Just garden hose wash with soap and light rinse is sufficient.

Larger than most other mats, this 65 x 0.25 x 35 inches premium grill mat covers the deck, patio, brick better than others, including Weber Genesis grill from splash and spills of BBQ grill cooking. This well-made grill wins the heart for offering a great price against service.


  • Heavy Duty.
  • Water Resistant.
  • Durable.
  • Large Size.


  • No Warranty.
  • Fades Under Sunlight.
  • Rain Water May Through Mat and Surface.

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7. Drymate Premium Reversible BBQ Gas Grill Mat – Durable & Waterproof

Drymate Premium Gas Grill Mat, Absorbent Grill Pad (30' x 58') – Protects Decks/Patios from Grease...

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Drymate Gas Grill Mat is an obvious choice to protect costly wood, composite deck, and patio from grease, oil, food splash, and spills. Made of soft and absorbing long-lasting grill pad material, it entraps and holds the mess.

Blessed with a waterproof layer and skid-resistant backing, this premium grill mat stays fixed and works great to prevent soaking. Available in two colors (grey, tan), this grill pad is really long-lasting and environment friendly plus good looking as the polyester fiber is mixed with a 100% recycled plastic bottle.

Phthalate and BPA free element makes it risk-free for kids and pets. This made-in USA grill mat (30 x 58 x 0.2 inches) renders maximum coverage to the wood deck and fits perfectly with the grill and smoker. It is machine cleanable and dryable.

The premium grill mat is lightweight (1.02 lb.), rolling up easy, portable, and durable too.


  • Machine Cleanable and Dryable.
  • Foldable and Portable.
  • Light Weight and Dryable.
  • Made in USA and Stain Resistant.
  • Durable and Environmental Friendly.


  • Not Heavy Duty.
  • Not Suitable for Fire Pit and Charcoal Grill.

FAQ Regarding Best Grill Mat for Composite Deck

Q1. Does mat hold water?

Ans: Yes, some of them are water absorbent grill mats.

Q2. Are there any toxic chemicals?

Ans: No. such as PVC free.

Q3. Can I use those mats safely on composite decks?

Ans: Most of them are recommended for composite decks.

Q4. Does the edge blow up in the wind?

Ans: Heavy mats, for example, GrillTex Composite deck mat do not lift during strong wind.

Q5. Can they be used under a smoker or BBQ grill and weber charcoal grill?

Ans: Yes, of course, they are made for that purpose.

Q6. How long-lasting are these mats?

Ans: They are very long-lasting.

Q7. Are they fine in the rain?

Ans: OK but long exposure to water is harmful.

Q8. Will they protect the wooden deck?

Ans: Yes, certainly they protect the wooden deck.

Q9. Can those mats be rolled up?

Ans: Yes, few mats can be rolled up so, easy to store and carry.

Q10. Is this mat made of dangerous chemicals?

Ans: It is made of rubber, and no harmful chemical is mixed.

Final Thoughts

With a litany of types of grill mats flooding the market, deciding which one is perfect is akin to looking for a needle in a haystack. However, awareness of your requirements can guide you to the best grill mat for a composite deck. This buyer guide is, therefore, a handy implement to be familiar with different aspects of the grill mat, which fits your needs. So, Best of luck with your mat hunt.

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