Best Food Processor For Shredding Cabbage in 2023

Shredding cabbage by hand is a messy, time-wasting, and difficult job if you do it manually. But you may have to do it often for instance when you make coleslaw for your barbecue and you have to shred some cabbages. And if you do it by hand then it will become unpleasant and messy. To avoid all such mess and pain you can use the best food processor for shredding cabbage.

If you use the best food processor for shredding cabbage your cabbage shredding will be fast, effortless, and without the mess that will surely happen if you do cabbage shredding using your hand.

So, go on reading the reviews and get familiar with some of the highly-rated food processors for slicing cabbage. And pick the cabbage food processor that you find the most suitable for you.

Best Food Processor For Shredding Cabbage Reviews

Now, this buyer guide will help you walk through the three different segments of the great open fire grill grate and enrich you with valuable insight.

1. Breville BFP-800-BSXL Sous Chef Food Processor

Breville BFP800BSXL Sous Chef 16 Pro Food Processor, Black Sesame

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Breville BFP-800- BSXL Sous Chef Food Processor is an exceptional food processor for shredding your cabbages and other fruits as well as veggies. Having 5 MULTIFUNCTIONAL shredding DISCS plus 3 BLADES it ensures optimal usage.

It is also a super preparation time saver thanks to its 5.55 inch SUPER WIDE FEEDING CHUTE that can take in super large chunks of cabbages or other veggies or fruits and thus requires very little pre-cuttings.

Breville BFP-800-BSXL Sous Chef Food Processor has one  16 CUP LARGE PROCESSING BOWL and another 2.5 cups MINI PROCESSING BOWL that that provides you unique convenience regardless of the size of the cabbage or other food you are chopping.

Furthermore,  Breville BFP-800-BSXL Sous Chef Food Processor has also a clear LCD DISPLAY along with a COUNT UP AND COUNT DOWN TIMER that lets you do the time management which is also a great advantage for processing your food.


  • Large Bowl Capacity
  • Multi-directional timer
  • Super Large Feeding Chute
  • 1200 Watt Peak Power
  • Mini Bowl for Finer Chopping
  • Micro- SERRATED S Blade


  • Expensive
  • The Bowl Cracks According to Few Customers’ Report


Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY 14-Cup Food Processor, Brushed Stainless Steel - Silver & OXO Good Grips Salad...

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CUISINART DFP-14 BCNY 14 cup food processor is a great adaptable cooking tool for shredding cabbage. It provides cooking solutions to great many cooking issues. It can shred cabbage finely thanks to its OPTIMIZED blade size. Besides, it can scallop potatoes, shred carrots, grind almonds, and lot more with ease.

Cuisinart food processor shredder is also DISHWASHER SAFE that makes it easy to clean and SAFE too as it reduces the chance of dangers of accidental damage. You will also get a comprehensive instruction manual with the product. Besides, you can visit their website to watch complete instructional videos.

Moreover, THE CUISINART has a LARGE FEED CHUTE. So, you need fewer preparation works and time. There is also a small tube that you can use to liquid your cabbages and other veggies during preparation.

Its capacity is huge 14 cups and is powered by a powerful 720-WATT MOTOR with 2- BUTTON easy to use control.

And because of all these impressive features, it is the number one Best Food Processor For Shredding Cabbage available in the market.


  • Powerful Motor
  • Strong Build
  • Safety Features
  • WARRANTY 3 Years Limited (5 Years For MOTORS)


  • Blades are not Adjustable
  • Don’t Have Lot of Attachment to Choose
  • Difficult to Assemble


Braun FP3020 12 Cup Food Processor Ultra Quiet Powerful motor, includes 7 Attachment Blades +...

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Braun FP3020 12 cup Food Processor is an extremely ADAPTABLE kitchen tool. You can do the chopping, kneading, slicing, and whisking. And of course, you can do cabbage shredding too.

Braun FP3020 12 cup food processor has TWO SHREDDING ATTACHMENT. One great for fine cabbage shredding. There are ELEVEN SPEED SETTINGS for that purpose. This food processor for cabbage is perfectly designed for maximum ENERGY EFFICIENCY and its operation is almost NOISELESS.

This kitchen tool is DISHWASHER SAFE, therefore easy to clean. It is backed by ONE YEAR WARRANTY so you can use it with no worry for a long time.


  • An adaptable food processing machine having useful accessories
  • Cleaning is so easy
  • Compact design
  • Safety features


  • Poor Customer service according to few customers review
  • A little bit larger feeder tube would be more user friendly


Cuisinart Food Processor, Pro Custom 11 Cup, Brushed Chrome, DLC-8SBCYP1

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Cuisinart DLC – 8 SBCY Pro Custom11 Cup Food Processor is a LOWER COST ALTERNATIVE option for DFP 14 BCNY. This model includes Sharp food processor shredding disc blades that work like a champion for shredding cabbages that is similar to the upgrade model.

Cuisinart DLC – 8 SBCY Pro Custom11 Cup Food Processor is LIKE A BLEND of Customs 14 Cup and Mini Prep 4 Cup Mini Processor. Its operation is similar to that of the larger model. The main difference lies in usage rather than the form.

The Pro Custom 11 Cup has an EXTRA COMPACT FLAT COVER having one drop-in hole that makes things very simple. If you want to use the discs then you need to use a bulkier cover with a feed tube. Its compact cover requires very LITTLE ROOM FOR STORAGE which is a great advantage too.

The Cuisinart DLC – 8 SBCY Pro Custom11 Cup Food Processor has 2 SLICING DISKS which is unlike its larger cousin that has only one. The sizes of the slicing discs are 2 mm (THIN) and 4 mm ( MEDIUM). The additional disc lets you have Extra thin slices for GARNISHING.


  • Safety Mechanic
  • Versatile
  • Quality Built
  • 3 Year limited warranty


  • Less Space

5. KitchenAid KFP0722CU 7 Cup Food Processor

KitchenAid KFP0722CU 7-Cup Food Processor with Exact Slice System - Contour Silver

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KitchenAid KFP0722CU 7 Cup Food Processor is the BEST BUDGET shred cabbage food processor for you. That means you have to forego many features of o high-end models in this case.

However, that doesn’t make it useless. In fact, this cabbage shredding processor offers you great many advantages that make it a PERFECT kitchen implement for a FAMILY HAVING 4-5 MEMBERS. You can perform shredding, grinding, kneading, slicing of cabbages, and other veggies using appropriate blades. It also allows you options of slicing thickness via settings external lever.

KitchenAid KFP0722CU 7 Cup Food Processor has a leak-resistant tight seal that doesn’t let mess to happen on the countertop. The 2-in-1 feed tube lets you use both the NARROW and LARGE openings. So, you can cut cabbages and vegetables both VERTICALLY and HORIZONTALLY similar to those high-end food processors.


  • 2in1 feed tube
  • Tight Seal
  • External Lever
  • 1 Year Replacement Warranty
  • Polycarbonate Plastic Body
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with Different Attachments


  • Requires proper alignment of the feed tubers with the bowl

6. Hamilton Beach 70730  10-Cup Food Processor and Vegetables Chopper With Bowl Scraper

Hamilton Beach Food Processor & Vegetable Chopper for Slicing, Shredding, Mincing, and Puree, 10...

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Hamilton Beach 10-Cup Food Processor and Vegetable Chopper is one of the top-rated food processors for shredding your cabbages and other veggies.  It is a reasonably priced and versatile item too compared to its peers.

Its huge 10 – Cup capacity is a great convenient thing for those who are looking for shredding cabbage with a food processor. You can handle a huge amount of cabbages and other food without the need to stop and empty.

This food processor shredding blade and Vegetables Chopper with bowl scraper help you do a huge volume of shredding work quickly WITHOUT WASTING time thanks to its LARGE FEEDING CHUTE that can take in large blocks of cheese without any need of cutting them into small pieces. So, it will cut DOWN YOUR PREPARATION time when you want to shred your cabbages.

The Hamilton Beach 10 -Cup Food Processor and Vegetables Chopper is also a great VERSATILE kitchen implement.  It can process food as well as chop vegetables. Its reversible stainless steel food processor shredding disc is great for slice and shred. And the stainless steel blade can chop, mix and also puree. So, you don’t need another food processor to do multiple types of food processing works.


  • Bowl Scraper Attachment
  • Different Handy Attachments
  • 2 Speeds and Pulse


  • Unable to cube vegetables like eggplants and potatoes
  • There are issues with its Durability.

Final Thoughts

All the above-mentioned food processors are great in terms if quality and price. You can choose the best food processor for shredding cabbage from the above list for you.

Make sure how many people you want to cook for. If it is great in number them you better choose one having a large capacity. And, if you want to do many other tasks apart from shredding, then pick a versatile one having different accessories. Keep in mind the budget issue too. It is also very important to buy a long-lasting one that will last for some time and serve you without fault.