Best Electric Meat Grinder For Home Use in 2024

Do you wish to enjoy tastier and healthier food?

If so, then owning a meat grinder for home use is your best option. This will let you grind the best meat of your choice, fully under your own control. Moreover, it will also let you add your favorite recipe, choose the thickness of your grind that would ultimately turn into awesome food as per your own particular taste and flavor.

Also, home-ground meat will allow you to prepare dishes that might not be possible with store-bought meat. And you can even make healthier raw food for the furry family members at home.

Yet, they will not push up the food bill/cost! In fact, it will make the food cheaper as it will greatly cut down your grocery bills.

And it’s a healthier option too! As you forego the option of buying ground meat from stores or supermarkets, it will also dramatically reduce the consumption of different dangerous additives associated with store-bought food.

After all, according to statistics, an average American eats 222.2 pounds or 100.8 kilos of meat stuff per year. It also means that avoid consuming huge amounts of harmful additives every year too if you grind your meat at home.

So you can stay healthy by grinding meat at home.

Best Electric Meat Grinders For Home 2022: Reviews

We have made several options available for you in case you want to move out of our best pick. Therefore, go through our entire list to pick your most suitable one.

1. Gourmia GMG 525 Electric Meat Grinder:

Gourmia Electric Meat Grinder 500 1000 Watt Max 3 Stainless steel grind plates fine to coarse...


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Armed with the vision of making cooking safe, easy, and enjoyable,  Gourmia GMG525 Electric Meat Grinder blesses your kitchen with innovative and delicious cooking options.

Powered by a 500/1000 Watt motor and having strong stainless steel blades as well as sturdy metal gears it can cut grind meat, poultry, and seafood precisely and properly. It can easily cut and grind the toughest meat thanks to the three-way on/off/reverse switch.

It brings with it three heavy-duty cutting plates sizes to choose from for fine, medium, and coarse grinding that let you make meatloaf, burgers, sausage, and hash as per your personal choice and requirements and taste.

It also gives you a free recipe book brimming with cooking ideas of various mouthwatering dishes such as Italian Fenny sausage, chicken apple sausage, chicken, Basil, and a lot more !!

This machine with a 5.5 x 13.5 x 11.8 inches dimension is easy to clean as you can separate the parts easily. After each use washes the grinder with soapy water by hand. However, Don’t keep it underwater any time during washing.

This is one of the best electric meat grinders for home use which is also so easy to use even by novice users that just anyone can operate it with ease. The grinder is made of stainless steel that makes it a highly durable item.

This product weighing 6.85 pounds is also very easy to assemble and disassemble by following the easy-to-understand instruction manual and works with ease. You can ground 20 pounds up venison with ease.

All the metal parts are also stainless steel made that makes it strong and safe. It is extremely easy to set up and use and also very well built. This grinder works awesome and grinds fast venison or any meat. You will never have to buy ground meat from the grocery store again. That’s why most of the users highly recommend it to both newbies and experts for use.

It is a terrific machine having effective functions for both grinder and the stuffing system. It is not challenging for the machine at all to cut the pork butt into 1” by up to 4” strips. So it is definitely worth the money.


  • Fast and efficient
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Simple and safe use
  • Bonus accessories


  • Not dishwasher safe

2. STX Turboforrce Classic 3000 Series Electric Meat Grinder and Sausage Stuffer

STX International Turboforce 3000 Heavy Duty 5-In-1 Powerful Size #12 • 3 Lb High Capacity Meat...

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You will fall in love with the STX Turboforrce 3000 grinder – the look of it, the fantastic work it does,  the price, and everything. It works with ease without the meat being the least bit frozen. It makes a little bit of sound but certainly not loud.

It is an outstanding machine having an aesthetically pleasing polished aluminum body, heavy-duty strong electric motor, thick rubber feet. You can grind a huge amount of meat by it and as long as you set it right it will need no maintenance except normal cleaning.

This is a powerful meat grinder loaded with 3000 pounds locked wattage and 800  – 1200 normal wattage during grinding. Its grinding capacity is 180 – 240 lbs of meat per hour if prepared correctly. The three

This best electric meat grinder for home use provides 2 meat claw highly useful for meat shredding and transferring or cutting hot food. The perfect burger/ slider press comes extremely handy to prepare burgers on short notice.

It can grind soft chicken bones as well as soft rabbit and squirrel bones. So, it is great for making cat food and dog food at home

This top meat grinder for home use brings with it 3 tempered steel grinding plates – one for initial coarse grinding (rectangular holes), one for fine grind ( small holes), one for coarse grinding ( medium holes). For rougher grind, you can use the initial coarse grinding plates twice.

It is great for chili!! It has a 12” grinding head which buses unusually compared to most of its peers. No wonder why it ranks among the best meat grinders for home use.

It is easy to clean – warm soapy water and 10 minutes later everything will be put away.  It can grind the cat food fine. The grinder goes right through the leg bones effortlessly. It is backed by 30 days money-back guarantee plus 3-year warranty of parts and labor.


  • Powerful motor
  • 3 size grinding plates
  • Easy to use, clean, and assemble.
  • Large size
  • 30 days money-back guarantee warranty plus 3-year parts and labor warranty.


  • Not suitable for grinding animal tendons.

3. Electric Meat Grinder, Altra 3-IN-1 Meat Mincer& Food Grinder& Sausage Stuffer

Electric Meat Grinder, ALTRA Meat Mincer & Sausage Stuffer,【2000W Max】【Concealed Storage...

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Altra stainless steel electric meat grinder and meat mincer can be called a fighter in the Amazon market since it has reached the ultimate in power, style and performance.  All the users like this ultra electric grinder as it is just like a meat woodchopper.

Everything that the food touches in the machine is made of food-grade stainless steel that doesn’t let pollution of food happen while knives and plates are made from carbon steel.

The tri-layered 420-grade stainless steel and thickened aluminum alloys make it highly durable and strongly anti-corrosive. So, its best-rated meat grinder for use at home is highly durable land very long-lasting.

This popular home use machine uses a powerful copper motor having 350watts power output and  2000 watts peak power. It also hardly creates any noise thanks to its bearing. Moreover, its safety button makes it safe by keeping the grinder tube locked in its place.

This home kitchen workhorse brings along with its sausage and kibbeh attachment as part of the package. It also has ETL certification that ensures safe use. It also has on-off and reverses switches that help you to return back if anything gets stuck. That’s why it is one of the best-rated meat grinders for home use.

Its dimension is 16.9 x 9.4 x 8.3 inches and weighs 7.4 pounds.

The two cutting blades and three cutting plates of different sizes cut and mince the meat into fine, medium, and coarse meat grinding. Its components are separable and thus easy to clean using liquid soap and water.

Super sharp blades and powerful motor make this a breeze that can ground your thick or thin Chuck roast pieces into great burgers in no time. This best-rated home kitchen grinder can ground beef or pork for you like a champion that can not only save you money but also provide superior flavor and tenderness.

It is a workhorse that you can use to make Italian sausage and chorizo. It can grind 3 pounds of meat in just 1 minute. The best way to use this best-rated electric meat grinder is to almost freeze your meat. It works better when the meat is frozen because the fat on the meat will slow everything down.

After grinding the first time, add all your ingredients and partially freeze it again before stuffing your casing. You will love the taste of your sausage.

This best electric meat grinder for home use is very easy to unbox and also very easy to assemble. It handles all types of meat very well. So it is definitely a must-have kitchen aid for you.


  • Easy to clean and use
  • Easy to assemble and storage
  • Simple to operate
  • Low noise


  • Use longer than 15 minutes to overheat the motor.

4. KENOME Metal Food Grinder Attachment ForKichenAid Stand Mixer

Meat Grinder Blade Replacement, For Gvode KITOART COFUN meat grinder Attachment, Stainless Steel...

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The Kenome metal food grinder attachment fits all the kitchen aid stand mixers. It can be attached to the hub of the stand mixer and can make ground meat of fantastic texture for sausage and burgers, vegetables for salsas and sauces, fresh bread crumbs, and hard cheese.

It is posted by ???? Watt motor …….

The food grinder attachment is made of food-grade metal. So it is safe and healthy.

This item is fantastic!! Compared to other such items this best meat grinder for home use is so easy to assemble as all the parts fit together smoothly. And it grinds meat to perfection. It also comes apart and goes back to its box and takes very little space that makes it easy to store too.

This top meat grinder for home use is very easy to use on different types of meat. You can grind a leg of lamb, chicken or ham and it will work like a dream. Simply follow the instructions and make sure the meat is at least partially frozen.

You can complete a double grind 5 pounds of meat in 15 minutes. It is a heavy-duty home kitchen item that can stand up to rigorous use for many years.  It also works great for making cat and dog food at home.

The tray, auger, and grinder body are made of aluminum alloys while the grinding plates, grinding blades, and sausage stuffers tubes are made of stainless steel. So, it is a highly durable, long-lasting item and sturdy item.

This meat grinder with a dimension of 8.8 x 6.3 x 5.6 inches does fantastic grinding of meat for hamburgers and kibbeh. It beats the meat grinder attachment to the KitchenAid mixer hands down. This 2.5 pounds lightweight makes a little sound and works great.

This best electric meat grinder for home use comes with two sausage stuffer tubes that can help you make any kind of sausage you crave for including chorizo, boudin sausage, Italian sausage, summer sausage, and bratwurst

All the components are separable which makes them easy to clean and you can clean it quickly with soap and warm water ( not more than 122F) using the cleaning brush that comes along with it.


  • Designed for KitchenAid stand mixer
  • Includes 3 grinding plates
  • Easy to clean, use and assemble.
  • Made with food-grade materials


  • Cannot operate continuously for more than 10 minutes.

5. The STX International Heavy Duty Megaforce Electric Meat Grinder and sausage Stuffer

STX International Megaforce 3000 Powerful Air Cooled 5-In-1 Electric Meat Grinder • Sausage...

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The size of this best meat grinder for home use is also appropriate to make the best use of available space leaving enough room to move around. This is especially suitable for housewives.

1: If you are hunting for a great durable grinder that can take total care of your home grinding needs then STX Megaforce Heavy-duty classic-3000 will serve your purpose best. It is a great Grinder that blends power with efficiency.

This best-rated home-use meat grinder is powered by high quality and powerful 3000 Watt motor it can perform all types of grinding works done at home including grinding cartilages and small bones for pet foods as well as for making sausages.

2:The STX International Heavy-duty Megaforce classic-3000 AirCooled Electric Meat Grinder and sausage stuffer offer you all the things that you desire to have in a home meat grinder and a few extras too.  Its grinding head had standard size #12 and was constructed by coast aluminum which is food-grade material. Therefore it is safe for health too.

This best-rated meat grinder for home use also brings with it 3 highly efficient stainless steel cutting blades enabling faster and precise grinding as well as 3 grinding plates of three different sizes specially made for an electric grinding machine which are made of tempered steel that makes them very strong and sturdy.

Besides, cooking kebabs, sausages, or grinding meat becomes so easy thanks to the different blades and accessories that are part of the package of this best home-use meat grinder. Furthermore, the STX Megaforce’s patented crawl air inducted cooling system is the only of its kind that makes it a super unique product unlike any other meat grinder in the market.

Moreover, the inbuilt circuit breaker ensures an enhanced safety level during the operation of the best-rated home use grinder.

All these great features of Megaforce….is surely going to create a lasting happy impression in your mind about grinding if you buy  this best meat grinder for use at home kitchen.


  • Quiet, Durable
  • Compact size
  • Easy to use and assemble
  • Only grinder having patented cowl air induction cooling system..
  • Manufactured with superior quality materials


  • Have lots of directions that make it difficult to learn operate.

6. Sunmile SM – G 31 Electric Mincer Sausage Grinder

Sunmile SM-G31 Electric Meat Grinder - Max 1HP 800W- ETL Meat Mincer Sausage Grinder, Stainless...

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Sunmile SM – G31 Electric Mincer Sausage Grinder is ETL certified and so that’s a machine that can satisfy your expectations in safety and performance issues. Thus, it will be a great buy for you that will be worth the money.

This top meat grinder for home use is powered by a highly powerful and extremely durable machine that is made by the best quality all red copper coil which is is the best among all coil types. Having only one on-off switch and auto regulating system makes it so easy to operate.

This top home use meat grinder is able to regulate automatically between 250 to 800 watts to cut soft to hard meat keeping the electric bill low. It is also so easy to clean and store as it is very easy to assemble and disassemble. So, it is considered as one of the best meat grinders for home use..

Every component of this top home use meat grinder is manufactured by food grade for cast aluminum and stainless steel and its lubricant applied in movable parts is food grade too. So, it is not only safe for health but also makes the machine very strong, super functional, and durable.

IT has a screw-type locking knob that is easy to use.

The circuit breaker stops the motor from burn out due to overheating and the cut-off switch cuts the electric supply in case of the sudden huge rise in electric supply. These are great additional safety features.

This best electric meat grinder for home use can effortlessly grind upto150 pounds of meat in an hour that makes it highly suitable for both home use as well as commercial.  So, this home uses the best electric meat is a versatile machine, no doubt.

It brings along with it a box containing  3 sausage attachments,  1 plastic food pusher, 3 stainless steel cutting plates for coarse, medium and fine meat grinding, and a guide for assembling and disassembling.


  • Easy to clean and use.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Large capacity tray
  • Very reasonable price
  • Compact design requiring small storage space
  • A lot of attachments


  • Few customers raised the issue of durability
  • Blades require sharpening more often as it runs very fast.
  • No reverse button
  • Small size meat cuts are essential for fast grinding

7. Gideon Hand Crank Manual Meat Grinder

Gideon Hand Crank Manual Meat Grinder Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Blades with Powerful Suction Base...


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Till now we have been walking through the realm of electric meat grinders that is more expensive and noisy. But, this time we are going to venture into the world of manual grinders. So, if you prefer a simpler way to grind then a manual grinder will be more suitable for you. And among this type of l grinders, Gideon hand crank manual meat grinder is one of the best manual meat grinders for home use.

This machine blends modern grinder-making materials with traditional design. Yet it is so easy to use.  Just put the meat or vegetables inside the grinder, turn the crank and that’s it. So you can grind effortlessly as the hand crank is very efficient that doesn’t put you under any pressure.

Just keep in mind that the meat you grind is soft and fatty cuts. Also, avoid hard and tough things like tendons and bones that will make grinding difficult. The way to make this top meat grinder for home use stay put in one place is also simple yet very effective.

Firstly, put it on a flat porous free surface such as tiles. Then, twist the side knobs. And that’s all !! Thereafter, grind as much and as long you want or need to.  No need to worry if the suction cup will give in to work pressure or load.

However, you can easily use this best home-use manual meat grinder to grind beef, chicken breast, or turkey to make excellent burgers. Moreover, this is a versatile machine that you can use to grind a lot of things other than meat from garlic to nuts to vegetables which is unlike electric meat grinders which are not suitable to grind fruits and vegetables.

This best meat grinder for home use beautifully blends modern manufacturing materials with a more traditional design. It has a coarse mincing plate and a fine mincing plate,  two steel blades of the highest quality,

The most important fact about the grinder is that it doesn’t make any compromise about the safety issues. The casing around the blades makes sure that they don’t put your hand at risk of injury.

Moreover, the components of the top home use meat grinder are separable which makes it so easy to clean and compact storage. These features also translate into low maintenance costs.


  • ​Easy to use and clean
  • ​Meat pusher for higher performance
  • ​Sleek and user friendly
  • ​Dishwasher safe parts
  • ​Strong and long-lasting
  • ​Grind  meat, vegetable fruits, and nuts
  • ​Compact and lightweight


  • ​Requires frequent disassembling during use to free from clogs

Things to Consider Before Buying Electric Meat Grinder For Home Use

Before deciding to buy the choicest electric meat grinder, you must know the important criterias. Otherwise, you may risk choosing the wrong one unknowingly.

In order to help you avoid making such a great mess, we have made a simple yet very effective buying guide for you where every important point of the best home grinder is written in easy to understand way.

So, simply go on reading the buying guide below…


Power of the meat grinder is a very important issue. An overpowered or underpowered machine can play a mess with your grinding works.

If your grinding requirements are occasional and low due to the non-commercial nature of use or because you don’t have to entertain an army of guests often then a manual grinder or low power machine will be a good choice.

Or to avoid the problem you should better choose a grinder having auto adjustable power that can adjust to your need every time according to the workload requirements. This will also protect you from the high electric bills.

Features and attachments

There are grinders in the market with different features and attachments.

Try to buy one having multiple plates to be able to grind different sizes. Also, try to have a grinder with a reverse function to be able to clear the blockages. Moreover, try to get a grinder having sausage-making attachments.

Durability: durability issue has great bearing on the price v. However, you don’t need to buy an expensive grinder for the sake of durability. There are lots of budget grinders in the market which are highly durable.

Overheating/circuit protection

Make sure that whatever grinder you buy has a safeguard against overheating and a circuit breaker to protect from fatal consequences of sudden poer surge. This will also provide a safe work environment.

Warranty and after-sales support

Pay attention to the warranty and after-sales service issues.  The warranty period varies from 1-2 years most of the time. However, few companies offer a 5-year long warranty. If you buy any grinder having lots of accessories then yup should go for a long guarantee/warranty period.

These will help you to save unnecessary repair and maintenance costs and let you enjoy worry-free service.


There are grinding machines of different capacities in the market which are measured in pounds per hour. If your want to grind occasionally for your small family then a machine with low grinding capacity will serve you best.

However, if you have a large family and serve a large group of guests often then you better buy a grinder with the highest possible grinding ability.

Ease of use

Choose a machine that you find easy to use. For example, its operation and assembling and disassembly should be easy. It must also be easy to fill and clean.

You should look into things like an automatic shutdown system, lid, tray, and push button. These will make it easier to use the grinder with ease.


Make sure that the machine can do the types of grinding works that intend to do. For instance, if you need to cut chop meat, make sausages, and cut vegetables in addition to grinding meat then choose a machine that can do those things.

Know your needs before you choose your machine. The majority of manufacturers make multifunctional products.


This point is very significant as you will need to clean your machine frequently to make it long-lasting. Otherwise, but will have a very short life span. So try to choose those grinders that are easy to clean and whose components band accessories care dishwasher safe.

If you don’t know about the ease of cleaning from the maker, then buy those products made of stainless steel, which is easier to wash and maintain.


If you can then, buy machines that are made using stainless steel and metals. This makes the machine very strong and corrosion-resistant. In case of your grinder having plastic accessories make sure they are ABS plastic which is safer, denser, stronger, and nontoxic.

​Generally, machines with fewer parts made of durable metals will be low cost, and machines manufactured with high-class metals like steel will be expensive.

The initial high cost will translate into higher savings as the machine would not suffer from frequent breakdowns warranting frequent repairing expenses and work stoppages.

Food safety

Make sure all the materials used in manufacturing must also be food grade. This will make the machine safe to use and the food also safe to consume.


Different meat grinders have different noise levels some are noisier than others. But many noisy machines have different other attractive features. So, you must take all those into account before making your choice.


Different models offer different accessories with their models. The most common accessories are a blade, a pusher, a  kit with sausage and/or kibbe, and three grids. Some others offer more accessories like a tray, burger kits, or full lit for sausage and kibbe.

Even if you don’t need few accessories right now, it is wise to buy one that offers lit of accessories that makes better sense.

Manual Grinder vs Electric Grinder

It fully depends on the purpose of your use as well as the reliability of the electricity supply in the area you live. If the electric supply is irregular then a manual grinder would be a better choice. Otherwise, try to buy an electric grinder as they are easier to use and greatly faster too.

Size of the grid:

Pay special attention to it which means the diameter of the holes that are stated in inches or millimeters.

  • Extremely fine hole     3 mm; very fine peas
  • Fine holes          4.5 mm; fine peas
  • Small holes of      6 mm;  ground beef
  • Small holes of    8 mm;  medium pies, sausage, and chopped steaks.
  • Average holes 10 mm; dumplings, sausage,  mince and coarse patties.
  • Average holes. 12 mm for sausage and mince
  • Average holes 14 mm;  sausage
  • Big holes 16 mm for fat and fast passing of meat or large piece of pudding.
  • Large holes 18 or 20 mm; for the first passage of meat and fat.

​Hand Crank vs Electric Grinder vs Attachment Grinders

Frankly speaking, none of the grinder is better or worse than the other. It all depends on your individual requirements. So, you will find one of them is better suited than the other.

Hand crank

This is the oldest and most traditional kind of grinder among the three types.  However, it is still popular in the market because the best manual meat grinder for home use is easy to use, long-lasting, and also very effective.

But as they need some elbow grease to work well, so they are not suitable for people who don’t have time and energy to crank the grinder.

It goes well with those who prefer a low-cost grinder that does it’s job effectively warranting no external power source.

Electric grinder

Electric grinders for home use have taken the market by storm. They could do that as they are super convenient and deliver high performance.

However, even the best electric meat grinder for home use takes up a lot more space and maintenance cost compared to the other two types of grinding machines.

The electric grinder is highly recommended for those who want to get the grinding done quickly and efficiently without cranking the grinder by hand.

Attachment grinders

This type of grinder can work only if a device such as KitchenAid is attached to it. So, if you can do that then it becomes an easy option. Besides, it can save a lot of money for you as you don’t need to buy a completely new machine.

However, the downside is that it can’t do a lot of grinding frequently for you.


​1. How to use a meat grinder to grind cheese.?

Any meat grinder can also grind cheese easily. Just make sure that your cheese doesn’t get clogged inside the meat grinder. Therefore, to avoid clogging, freeze the cheese inside the freezer for an hour before you put them inside the grinder machine for grinding.

2. How to get replacement parts

Every product maker provides options to buy any parts for replacement. You just have to contact the company to know how to buy replacement parts . They will show you the process of how to buy parts from them.

Final Thoughts

So, every option for the grill for home use has been made crystal clear, right? Now, you have all the information that you need to choose the best electric Grinder for the kitchen of your home that fully fills all the requirements that also is long-lasting. So, read the guide carefully as you go through details about some of the best meat grinders for home.

Just make sure that the grinder you choose for your home use must be electric grinders.