Best Lump Charcoal for Big Green Egg

If the name big green egg seems to you totally weird, then you belong to a large group of people who also felt the same when they heard the name for the first time. And I myself felt the same upon hearing the name big green egg that could do the fantastic grilling and barbecuing.

Now let me share with you all that I came to know about the big green egg in a nutshell.

Besides, we shall also throw some much-needed light on the topic of best charcoal for big green egg that you can use as fuel for your big green egg to get the best outcome.

Our Top Picks of big green egg lump charcoal

Best Lump Charcoal For Big Green Egg Reviews

We have made several options available for you in case you want to move out of our best pick. Therefore, go through our entire list to pick your most suitable one.

1. Jealous Devil All Natural Lump Charcoal

Jealous Devil All Natural Hardwood Lump Charcoal - 35LB

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It is HANDCRAFTED charcoal that is made from South American 100 natural hardwood. The choicest hardwood is first handpicked, then hand cut, and finally fired in the special kiln of the company where the bit goes through a unique carbonization process that transforms it into the best natural lump charcoal for a big green egg as well as in GRILLS and KAMADOS.

All those above-mentioned works that are an innovative blend of traditional and modern methods create excellent quality charcoal that burns for a long time and is also HOTTER and CLEANER.

Besides, to ensure that you only get top-grade charcoal, the quality control team only picks up large pieces in your bag that are size-wise CONSISTENT too.

Being 30% denser than oak or hickory, it burns significantly hotter and longer, which means you need to use less charcoal to produce the same amount of heat. This top-class charcoal also produces minimum waste and low ash burn. No doubt it is the best charcoal for the green eggs.


  • Low & Hassle-Free Maintenance
  • Highly ADAPTABLE to all kinds of grills, Kamado, smokers, big green eggs, PK, Pitt, Weber, backyard or restaurants
  • Great Value For Money
  • Excellent Packaging
  • Great Longevity
  • Temperature Control


  • It has smaller to medium pieces compared to similar other products.

2. Kamado Joe KJ Char Big Block XL Lump Charcoal

Kamado Joe KJ-CHAR30LB Big Block XL Lump Charcoal, 30-Pound, Black

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Kamado designed lump charcoal goes very well with the big green egg because the big green egg is a Kamado style cooker. So, it is one of the BEST MULTI SIZED CHUNK LUMP CHARCOAL FOR BIG GREEN EGG.

Kamado is a reputed brand that also makes top-class cookers. And the charcoal that Kamado makes is really exceptional that beats most of its competitors by a wide margin. It is excellent for grilling, smoking, and other methods of cooking. Kamado charcoal lumps burn for a long long time that can go as long as 25-27 hours.

Another great point of Kamado lump is that it is reusable up to 3 times. Therefore, you can use it again and again for a short cooking session after using it first for the first long cooking session.

The kamado lump charcoal is a product of dense wood from ARGENTINA.  The lumps are hand-picked to ensure the ‘XL’ standard.  They are then roasted in traditional outdoor ovens.

Moreover, it is a 100% natural product that is environmentally friendly too. NO artificial product or chemical is mixed that can ruin its NATURAL FLAVOR.


  • Natural Flavor
  • Value for Money
  • Burn Longer and Slowly
  • Little Ash
  • No Spark


  • Difficult to light because of large size

3. Fogo Hardwood Large Lump Charcoal for Smoking Sessions

Fogo Super Premium Oak Restaurant All-Natural Smoked Hardwood Large Lump Charcoal for Smoking...

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The Fogo Natural Premium Hardwood Lump Charcoal is a most imported Central American product. They are large in size, which is handpicked to make sure that quality always remains high. Their flavor is mouthwatering hardwood smoky type that is a bit more profound than it’s peers, which dramatically enhances the taste of the food.

That is why Fogo Natural Premium Hardwood Lump Charcoal is one of the popular lump charcoal for Big Green Egg at home as well as at restaurants. Besides, it is also excellent for use in other kamado types of ceramic cookers like Kamado Joe and Primo.

Additionally, Fogo, which is a Portuguese name for fire, burns quicker, hotter, and longer than other charcoal you can find in the market. And these are great advantages that add great value to the product through its price is a bit higher than most of its competitors’ price.

It has also received highly positive reviews from the great majority of its users. It also takes as little time as 15 minutes or less after starting a fire to start grilling and ultimately turn very hot, searing the meat.

Besides, it is great to cook fish and veggies too. Fogo charcoal is made from trimmed wood from specially selected trees, and no other chemicals or additives are added, so they are super environmentally friendly.


  • Environment Friendly
  • High Longevity
  • Great in Temperature Control


  • You will need to break them into small pieces if the big green egg size is small
  • Higher Price

4. Fogo Premium Oak Restaurant All-Natural Hardwood Lump Charcoal for Grilling

Fogo Super Premium Oak Restaurant All-Natural Hardwood Lump Charcoal for Grilling and Smoking, 17.6...

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Fogo is yet another very high-quality brand that makes lump charcoal that is one best for use in a big green egg. The source of the hardwood is Central American dense hardwood trees. The charcoal burns fast and so your waiting time to reach cooking temperature is very short, which is less than 15 minutes.

And they burn hot plus sear your meat too. Fogo is an environment-friendly brand too. Fogo is a product of mainly tree trimming plus trees that have been carefully selected for removal.

It is done in cooperation and coordination of various government departments. The trees are carefully selected for removal and trimming to ensure SUSTAINABLE practice. No addictive is applied while trimming for the sake of environment-friendly compliance.

This practice leads to REFORESTATION, which is essential for sustainable practice. Moreover, high quality is ensured thanks to the HAND SELECTION process.

Thus, the inherent quality of the products contributes to the natural flavors and taste of the smoke and the meat. Fogo Super Premium Lump Charcoal is considered perfect for Kamado-type cookers like green egg, Kamado, and primo.


  • Fully NATURAL
  • Mild Mellow Flavor
  • Great for Low and Slow Cooking
  • Longer Lasting compared to other charcoal
  • Temperature Control
  • Great Value for Money
  • Longer Life


  • You have to use a HAMMER to break the big chunks into small pieces in case your big green egg is small

5. Rockwood All-Natural Hardwood Lump Charcoal – Missouri Oak, Hickory, Maple

Rockwood All-Natural Hardwood Lump Charcoal - Missouri Oak, Hickory, Maple, and Pecan Wood Mix

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Rockwood is highly rated by the users and has been consistent as among the best by different reputed websites and chefs such as “THE NACKED WHIZZ”. Even though it is the cheapest one, yet the 3 pack of 20 pounds package dramatically decreases the price that makes it a great buy, having a great value that will let you do a great deal of grilling and barbecuing.

This item is a product of hardwood from Missouri having a mix of oak and hickory (greater extent) as well maple and pecan wood to a lesser extent. It infuses the food with rich flavor through creating desirable flavor in the smoke.

It is comprehensively ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY too as the woods are taken from leftovers of woodcut for other uses such as timber millings. So, NOT a single tree is cut for this purpose. Moreover, the paper bag, soy-based ink is landfill safe and fully RECYCLABLE and produces harmless fumes when burned.

This is the best and CLEANEST lump charcoal you can ever use in the big green egg that never leaves that bitter chemical taste that many others do.


  • Temperature Control
  • Excellent Flavor
  • Great Value For Money
  • Can do a lot of grilling and barbecuing


  • Comparatively Expensive

Things to Consider Before Buying Charcoal for Big Green Egg Drilling

Duration: If you are a newbie to using a big green egg, then it may take some time to light up the chunks of charcoal. However, high-quality lump charcoal will not take much time.

Length: High-quality charcoal will burn for a great length of time regardless of the big or small size.

Consistency: Keep in mind that consistency in charcoal burning is the factor that contributes to the taste of your food.

Heat Level: Charcoal that generates a high level of heat also provides you with meals that taste great.

Ash: Best quality charcoal will produce minimum ashes. If a lot of ashes are produced, then they will create a mess up that will be painful to clean. Besides, if ashes get stuck with your food, then the result will be a loss of appetite.

No Fillers: Make sure there are no fillers inside the bag. Some brands do put fillers also inside the bag that are of no use. So, make sure that you only get charcoal inside the bag and NO FILLERS.

Waterproof: This becomes an essential feature when you have to store lump charcoal outdoor. The waterproof packaging will protect it from rainwater and other problems arising out of the weather.

Spark Free: This Sparks Free feature is crucial for safe cooking. Otherwise, Sparks may fly from your grill that is positively dangerous.

Budget: Don’t go for cheap charcoal as they would seriously undermine the quality. You should also avoid the very expensive charcoal too as they would not also provide you value for money. Keep in mind your requirements and pick the charcoal that suits your needs best.

What Is Lump Charcoal Used For?

Lump charcoal is a kind of charred fuel that is generally made of limbs of trees that are charred in the kiln. Unlike briquettes lump charcoal, they are not made into compressed coal dust blocks. The natural hardwood is burnt in an oxygen-free environment to produce lump charcoal. They look like charred wood. The lump charcoal is the most natural charcoal that is used for grilling, barbecuing, smoking, and roasting.

What Are The Risks of the Wrong Fuel?

Big green egg is not cheap. It requires the best lump charcoal for usage. Therefore, there is no alternative to Natural coal for your big green egg. There are also a lot of easy-to-light and fire chemicals out there in the market.

But while they are easy to light, they contain lots of nasty chemicals that can easily taint your food and ruin the flavor. Therefore, there is no point in having expensive cooking products, filling it with great cooking items, and then ruining them by using a cheap, low-quality fuel that will taint your cooked food.

Moreover, these low-quality and convenient items will also create a big mess that will make the cleaning work painful and frustratingly difficult. At worst, they can even cut short the lifespan of your expensive big green egg.

How to Control Temperature in a Charcoal Grill?

The only way to control temperature is by airflow. A few easy rules are mentioned below:

  • For High Heat = Keep Vents Open = Maximum Air Flow
  • For Medium Heat= Keep All Vents Half Open = Medium Air Flow
  • For Low Heat = Keep All Vents Medium Open = Low Air Flow

The higher the temperature you need, the more air you have to let in.

Key Features of Good Lump Charcoal- Enlighten Yourself!

  • Firstly, it must not have too much carbon dust and tiny bits. They must be filtered out during the production process. However, having a small quantity in the bag is unavoidable for the sake of handling during the production process and shipping.
  • Secondly, it should not create sparks during the lighting process. If it does, that means poor quality of wood or poor carbonization process or a combination of both.
  • Thirdly, it should not take a painfully long time to create fire. Although lump charcoal usually takes a long time to light up compared to briquettes, yet it shouldn’t be a long tiresome process. And it should light up quickly and easily with a chimney starter.
  • Fourthly, your charcoal must smell great. Frankly speaking, that is one great reason of using lump charcoal instead of briquettes or any other types of fuel. The natural smell makes the food so enjoyable. Keep in mind that if you get acrid fumes during the lighting process, it is a signal that something is seriously wrong.
  • Fifthly, what type of wood is used to make charcoal. Some products are made of a single type of wood, such as hickory or mesquite that can provide intense flavors, while many other wood types would provide mild flavors.
  • Sixthly, keep in mind the burn temperature and speed. Higher temperature is essential for searing steaks. But for smoking, you need long burning time at low temperatures.
  • Finally, keep in mind that you can control the burn rate of charcoal grills by adjusting the damper.

How to light lump charcoal in a big green egg?

Method 1

There are many great ways to light lump charcoal. One of the easiest ways is to use WEBER STARTER. For special grills like Big Green Egg and Kamado, the NEXT CHARCOAL STARTER is also a simple and easy lighting tool for use.

You can also use many bricks and liquids. But there must not be any fillers that may add nasty taste to your food or even become dangerous for your health.

Method 2

You can use a fire starter that blows hot air on the coal. This is actually a very powerful blow dryer.  You can set up your coal pile before starting the fire, which means you can avoid creating Sparks that happen from dumping hot coals. It works faster than the chimney starter. However, you need to use a wire out to your grill, which is difficult for some to do.

Method 3

The last method is the use of a simple electric starter. It is straightforward too. Just place this under your coal for 10 minutes, and the coal will be ready. However, unlike the blow starter, it cannot light fire in several areas of the coal pile. So, it may not produce even lit across the charcoal pit. And you have to connect it to the outlet.

How Long Does Lump Charcoal Burn?

In an open grill, it will burn for 45-60 minutes. Inside a closed system like a smoker, it can easily last 3-4 hours. External temperature and winds influence it’s burning.

Is ‘Low and Slow’ Cooking Possible Using Charcoal?

Yes, lump charcoal is excellent for Low and Slow type cooking at low temperatures. However, it will require frequent refueling, and watch over-temperature alternatives is difficult to use. While it takes only a gentle twist of a knob to light up the fire in case of gas to preheat, you have to make a lot of manual efforts to set fire on charcoal.

How Long Does it Take For the Charcoal to Reach Ready to Cook Temperature?

It usually takes quite a long time for the coal to reach cooking temperature. Usually, it takes 15-30 minutes to reach the cooking temperature for the cooking.

Lump Charcoal Vs briquettes

Appearance-wise briquettes are similar shapes and sizes, but the lump charcoal varies in shape and size from individual piece to piece. The briquettes are also usable at times. But some pieces of lump charcoal are so small that they fall from the grill and get wasted.

However, if your lump charcoal is of a good brand, then the amount will such waste will be so low that you will not feel the loss. Lump charcoal lights up faster than briquettes.

Moreover, lump charcoal burns hotter than briquettes. And, the lump charcoal creates less ash than briquettes. Most importantly, lump charcoals are fully natural and have zero addictives.

Briquettes contain sawdust that gives them shape and size. Plus, lighter fluid is also added to give them an instant lighting features.

Do You Get The Wrong Bag of Lump Charcoal Very Often?

If you choose the right brand, then such a thing will not happen. It may happen very rarely due to bad luck in the case of high brand products. However, it happens that you get the wrong bag every time you buy, then you need to change the brand.

The lump charcoal is long-lasting that adds no bad flavor to the food. You can always treat yourself and your friend and family in your backyard in a relaxed environment.


Q: Are small charcoal pieces less effective than big ones?

There are some special features to lump charcoal that you need to be aware of in order to make the best use of lump charcoal while cooking or grilling. You will come across three different sizes of lump charcoal, i.e., large, medium, and small.

The large lumps have a longer temperature holding capacity that will help to maintain cooking temperature. Medium pieces will make the temperature go up while the smaller lumps are helpful to spike the temperature while they burn.

If you are unsure of managing different sizes, you should better use the middle size lumps for ease of use.

Q: How much coal is required for a single grilling session?

Frankly speaking, there is no single correct answer to this question. It all depends upon what you are grilling and for how long. For example, a long single session low temperature burning for slow smoking can use the same amount of coal as a fast and high-temperature burning of hamburger grilling. If you plan for 2-3 grilling sessions per week, then you will require at least 1 bag of lump charcoal every week.

However, it is always safe to keep one extra bag so that you never run out of coal in the middle y cooking.  Or you may not be able to start grilling whenever you feel the need or desire.

Q: Can some flavored briquettes be added to lump charcoal? Would it enhance the taste of the food?

Yes, you can. But you have to be extra cautious before you do that. You have to keep in mind that lump charcoal is a natural product that are made from hardwood that has its own natural flavor.

Briquettes are also natural, but they are made of different items like sawdust, peats, or wood chips. So, mixing them would ruin the natural flavors of grilling.

Besides, lump coal has different tastes. If you desire to flavor your meat with a smokier taste, then you better choose hardwood, such as oak or hickory. Choose fruit tree wood like cherry or apricot in case you want a sweeter taste.

Final Thoughts

By now, we hope, the hunt for Best Charcoal for Big Green Egg had come to an end.  Our Best Overall Choice is Jealous Devil All-Natural Hardwood Lump Charcoal. It is a product of natural wood that produces a delicious smoky flavor that will make everyone truly jealous of your grilling. Another great choice is Fogo Super Premium Hardwood Lump Charcoal.

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