Best Bristle Free Grill Brush

Everyone loves to enjoy grilled food. However, the same cannot be said about the cleanup. And the prime way to do that is by best bristle free grill brush. Since wired grilled brushes have been getting into scary publicity. This is true, especially for the poor-quality ones. They leave out dangerous metal wires on the grill which then fall in the food and finally enter into the stomach! That is really scary, indeed.

So, what can be done to avoid these dangerous wires from getting into stomach? Is there any to avoid these pesky wires?

Yes, off course. You can simply use one of those bristleless grill brush and you can enjoy your grilled meals with peace of mind.

Why You Should Buy best Bristle Free Grill Brush

First and foremost, the reason is safety of health. There is zero chance of wire breaking onto your grill wire and finally entering through food into your stomach and thus compelling you to go to the emergency room. Between 2002 to 2014, 1700 Americans had to go to the emergency room after accidentally consuming metal wires. That is why the doctors also recommend not using a bristle brush.

A great number of bristle free brushes longer-lasting than brushes with bristles.

Bristle Free brushes are more compatible for ceramic and porcelain grates than the bristled brushes. The bristles of a lot of brushes are too rough and direct to those delicate grates that might lead to scratches.

Things to Avoid in a Grill Brush

A lot of safe grill brushes have handles made of plastic. This is OK. However, many have plastic that goes as far as the bottom of the brush very near the heat. That is NOT OK. Simply because plastic melt under heat. So, if you are not extra careful while cleaning the plastic may come in contact with the heated grill and part of it will melt. So, the closest part of the grill should be either metal or wood.

It will be a disaster to have melted plastic in your grilled food!!

Reviews for the Best Best Bristle Free Grill Brush

If you are already looking for the answer to the query, which one is the quality bristle free grill brush? No worry, we have reviewed 7 best grill brush without bristles come with different other cleaning features. So, let’s dive in.

1. GRILLART 18″– Best grill brush without bristles with scrapper

Grill Brush and Scraper Bristle Free – Safe BBQ Brush for Grill Best Rated – 18'' Stainless...

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  • Dimension: 17.9 x 6.1 x 3.8 inches
  • Weight: 16 ounces
  • Material: Stainless-Steel

Price-wise Grillart grill brush is moderate but quality-wise and design-wise it is the safest grill brush.

Supported by a sturdy handle and ultra-wide brush head you will have no problem using the brush in any grill grate. Besides, the triple helix scraper ensures the removal of each and every bit of crud off your grill.

It is rustproof too that can serve you round the year. Its build is of great quality that is also easy to clean. Moreover, you will experience no broken pieces issue.Though the price seems comparatively higher but considering the great quality it possesses, the item’s price is not that high.

Top features

  • Woven Wire Design
  • Triple Helix Scraper
  • 18” Long Plastic Handle
  • Bristle Free
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • Life Time Guarantee


  • Hefty Handle
  • Heavy Duty
  • Rust Free
  • No Chance of Bristles Break Off
  • Easy to Clean and Rinse


  • Higher Price Comparatively

2. GRILLART 17″ Stainless – Best non metal grill brush with scrapper

GRILLART Grill Brush Bristle Free & Scraper - Safe BBQ Brush for Grill - Non Wire Stainless Grill...

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  • Dimension: 17 x 7 x 3.5 inches.
  • Item weight: 11.02 ounces.
  • Material: Stainless steel.

No more tension of swallowing some wire pieces along with food while enjoying grilled food with family and friends. This is possible because GRILLART 17 iches is a bristle free grill brush. So it is 100 % safe.

Besides, hollowed out design ensure easy reach to those parts of the grill which are difficult to reach to clean. Moreover, wide scraper can cover large area to erase tough stains on the grill surface. In addition to that, you can clean slats of your grill easily thanks to the shorter sides that are 150% more flexible. All that means faster cleaning.

The double helix design makes the use of the brush flexible and handy that can make the grill spotlessly clean without scratching the grill surface. And this brush works great with porcelain, ceramic, charcoal, gas, Weber and s lot more. Therefore, it is versatile product.

Additionally, a 17 inches long handle will provide complete safety to your hand during brushing that is very strong too. Use of superior stainless steel turns it into rustproof item.

To get the best outcome during cleaning please preheat the grill for 15 minutes and do also dip the brush frequently in water to get the heat steam effect.

Lastly, the company offers full money back or replacement warranty in case of any problem.

Top features

  • Double Helix Design
  • Lightweight
  • 150 % More Flexible
  • Shorter Cleaning Time
  • Professional Looking


  • Safe
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to Clean
  • Easy to Use
  • Durable
  • Portable


  • Not Fit for Mesh Grates
  • Dipping the Brush in The Water Frequently Is Essential for Best Cleaning.
  • Heating the Grates for Minimum 15 Minutes Is Needed Before Cleaning.
  • Few Customers’ Report of Metals Coming Loose or Even Break During First Use

3. MEATER Plus Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer

MEATER Plus | 165ft Long Range Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer with Bluetooth for The Oven, Grill,...

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  • Dimension: 1.46 x 1.1 x 6.18 inches
  • Weight: 3.98 ounces
  • Working range: up to 165 + ft

Kona safe clean grill brush has stainless steel coils rather than bristles to remove burnt food residue on the grill.

Its hard-wired stainless steel does the job without scratching the grill coating. So, you can clean the top and the sides of the grill grates effortlessly unlike the ordinary safe grill brush with bristles that makes cleaning grill so difficult and painful.

It is no less functional than a brush with bristles yet much safer as there is no chance of bristles ending up in your food.

To get the best result you should preheat the grill and dip the brush often in the water to produce steam cleaning effect that is essential for deep cleaning. Deeper cleaning by angling the brush is also possible if the diameter of the grill allows that.

Top features

  • Battery operated: 1 AAA (included)
  • Two sensors and one probe
  • Monitor meat temperature up to 212 Fahrenheit
  • Monitor ambient temperature up to 527 Fahrenheit
  • Temperature monitoring through smartphone and tablets
  • Set up custom alert notifications/notifications about temperature or time.
  • Help you to estimate cooking and resting time for time management
  • Connectivity suite will help you to extend monitoring range via Meter Link WIFI
  • Monitor your cook from computer using
  • Meter Cloud to use your Alexa to you use your computer to monitor food.


  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Versatile.
  • Long battery life.
  • Accurate.
  • Water resistant.
  • Gift-able and rechargeable.
  • Made in USA.


  • it cannot handle temperatures higher than 250 degrees centigrade.

4. Grillaholics Essential– best grill scraper without Bristle for Cast Iron Grates

ThermoPro TP25 500ft Wireless Bluetooth Meat Thermometer with 4 Temperature Probes Smart Digital...

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  • Dimension: 3.53 x 3.14 x 1.37 inches
  • Weight: 12.8 ounces
  • Battery:  AA (1), 1.5 V (not included)
  • Probe Material: Stainless steel
  • Wire Material: made with metal braiding & upgraded TEFLON core.

Grillaholics Essential Bristle Free Grill Brush is a super essential partner in your grilling tasks. Using this great cleaning tool will make sure that your grill will always remain fresh and clean. This heavy-duty stainless-steel brush will keep your grill grates spotless by removing whatever leftovers and grimes from your barbecue yesterday.

The 18 inches long handle will ensure safety of your hand during cleaning. Besides, the stainless-steel coil brush head design will leave no chance of leaving any dangerous wire bristle in your grill grate or falling in your food.

This barbecue grill scraper works perfectly with all types of grill ——gas, charcoal, electric, porcelain, ceramic, Weber, Char-Broil, Traeger Big Green Egg Blackstone, smoker, infrared, or just any grill you name.

3 in1 360-degree coiled brush head enables cleaning of 3 times greater area with each and every stroke. This brush is backed by lifetime money back guarantee which is s a sure sign of the company’s confidence and commitment to its product and the customers.

To get the best outcome, dip the brush in water frequently during cleaning the hot grill grates to ensure powerful system cleaning.

Top features

  • TASTE MODE (5)
  • BLUETOOTH Computable
  • Apps FREELY available from Google play store and App Store
  • Simple ONE button set up
  • BACKLIGHT display for clear reading
  • Compatible: iPhone (4S or later models), iPad, Android 4.3 & later models (with BLUETOOTH 4.0), Smartphones, and Tablets with BLUETOOTH 4.0.
  • Wire temperature absorbing capacity: up to 716 Fahrenheit or 380 Celsius
  • Temperature range: 32 Fahrenheit – 572 Fahrenheit / 0 Celsius – 300 Celsius


  • DO NOT expose it to open fire flame.
  • DO NOT put it over the oven.
  • NO Dishwasher.
  • NO microwave ovens.
  • DO NOT get the plug lead or connector wet (NOT waterproof).
  • DO NOT place the underwater (scrub the wire with rugs)


  • Easy to use, read and clean.
  • Easy to store (Magnetic Backing).
  • Versatile and durable.
  • Highly accurate.
  • Temperature reading and control.


  • Slender probes that make it difficult to poke them into large meat ( whole turkey, ham).
  • Difficult to get an accurate temperature when very long cooking time is needed

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5. Easy Functions Bristle Free– Best Bristle Free Barbecue Grill Brush and Scraper

Inkbird Bluetooth Grill BBQ Meat Thermometer with 4 Probes Digital Wireless Grill Thermometer,...

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  • Dimension: 6.6 x 4.5 x 2.4 inches
  • Item weight: 12.8 ounces
  • Material (Probes): Stainless steel
  • Controlling Range: 150 feet / 50 meter
  • Temperature Range (Short Time Measurement): 32 Fahrenheit – 572 Fahrenheit
  • Temperature Range (Continuous Measurements): 32 Fahrenheit – 532 Fahrenheit

The Easy Functions Bristle Free Grill Brush is an extremely resilient and long-lasting cleaning tool that is made of 201 – grade stainless steel which a must-have material to a achieve that kind of long-lasting quality.

Besides, the coil brush heads had been designed in a special way that make the coil to slide effortlessly between the grill slats. Thus, it becomes easy to clean. Moreover, the coils in the head goes as far as the edges of the brush that help it reach the corner of the grate. This is unlike most other brushes whose coils fail to reach the edges of the grates.

This item is also very versatile as it works great on all types of grill grates such as stainless steel, cast iron, ceramic, porcelain, gas, charcoal, electric, Weber, Char- Broil, Blackstone, smoker, infrared and many more.

Additionally, this brush is very hard and tough on grimes and food leftovers but very smooth and gentle on grill grates. So, there is zero possibility of scratching the ceramic or porcelain grates.This item comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Top features

  • Inbuilt Battery RECHARGEABLE
  • Battery Power last around 40 hours (full Charged)
  • Four probes
  • Strong Magnetic backing
  • Clear LED display
  • High-Temperature ALARM
  • The thermometer app has a GRAPH function
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Shows both Fahrenheit and Celsius
  • Certifications: FCC / CE / ROHS
  • Presetting values are saved during power off
  • Comparatively LARGER Screen
  • Rotating Display


  • Easy to use and read.
  • User friendly.
  • Very accurate (+/- 2 F u0026 +/- 1 C).
  • Great value for money.
  • Long battery life and durable.


  • Meat probe connector difficult to master.

6. Kitchen Perfection– Best 3 in 1 Bristle Free Grill Brush and Scraper

Tenergy Solis Digital Meat Thermometer, APP Controlled Wireless Bluetooth Smart BBQ Thermometer w/ 6...

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  • Dimension: 3.25 x 1.25 x 3.5 inches
  • Weight: 11 Pounds (Overall)
  • Material (Probe): Stainless steel
  • Stern Length: 4 inches

Having Kitchen Perfection Gristle Free Grill Brush means you can spend more time enjoying mouthwatering dishes and less time cleaning the grill grates.

This brush works great for Weber, big egg green, Char Broil King, grill, charcoal grill, or any other kind of grill or smoker. So, this is a versatile tool.

Having 3 times extra thick triple helix ensures 5 times faster cleaning than other bristle free bbq brush. Thus, it is time-wise efficient also. Besides, the 17 inches long handle endure full control that ensures full safety to the user.

In addition to that, the 201 Stainless steel adds to the strength to the scraper that helps to remove grease and other hard stuck food residue easily. So, it is sturdy and long-lasting product.

Furthermore, it is safe for health too as there is no chance of bristle remaining on the grill or falling in the food and ultimately going inside your stomach.

Moreover, the metal wire and the special scraper edges on the brushes side helps in cleaning between grill grates.

It is easy to store too thanks to the metal hook. It is also backed by fully by life time warranty.

Finally, it brings along with it 2 black high heat resistant BBQ silicon mats and 2 recipe eBooks as part of set. So, you get many essential grilling / cooking things with a single purchase.

Top features

  • Large LCD display
  • Power: Battery (2 x 1.5 V, Included)
  • Display: LCD screen / App
  • App Availability: iOS / Android
  • Accuracy Range: +/- 1 %
  • Temperature Monitoring Range: 32 – 572 Fahrenheit / 0 – 300 Celsius
  • Wireless Range: Up to 100 feet / 33 Meter
  • Probe Cable Length: 50 inches / 1.25 Meter
  • Measuring Channels: 6
  • Battery Life: 200 Hours
  • Number of Probes: 6
  • Food Ready Alarm: Yes
  • Certifications: CE
  • Free life term probe replacement (in case of problems)
  • Warranty: 2 Years Extended Warranty upon Registration


  • Easy to use, clean and read.
  • Durable.
  • Long battery life.
  • Highly accurate.


  • DO NOT leave the thermometer on the big green egg when the temperature is over 482 F/ 250C

7. Grill Grubber Bristle Free– Best Bristle Free Brush With Pad

Why Cleaning is Important with bristle free Grill Brush?

There is litany of reasons why you should keep your grill clean.

First and foremost, one is SAFETY. IF you don’t clean your grill with bristleless grill brush then left-over grease and oil will become rancid. This in turn at best give a bad taste to your food and at worst fire up and create dangerous grill fire.

By the time you finish your cooking, a buildup of black crust will occur. This is carbon which are burnt on your grates. This is caused by combination of fat, meat that remain stuck in the grill and barbecue sauce. Their taste is ugly like that of burnt toast. Surely, you don’t want them to mess up with your food.

Last of all, you should remember that dirt like these are magnet for insects.  Therefore, they are unhygienic.

How to Clean Your Grill Grates with grill brush without bristles- Short Guide

You must clean the grill while the grates are hot. Do, just after the cooking is done or just after starting the cooking, you should close the lid and turn the burner on high for 10 – 15 minutes.

This will burn off lots of left-over grease and turn rest of the left-over things into hard carbon. This carbon will be pretty easy to clean by a brush.

Simply use force through your brush to the grates to remove all carbon and grease leftovers.

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Things to Consider Before Buying Best Bristle Free Grill Brush

While hunting for the best grill brush without bristle you must watch out for following critical factor to make sure that your bristle free grill brush would turn out to be a champion barbecue cleaning tool.

Long Handle: Cleaning grill is dangerous! Grills are hot. So, longer the handle safer your hand will be from getting burnt. You will find a lot of grills with  6 inches or shorter than 6 inches handle which is a dangerously short length for grill brush handle. 18 inches is the most popular and safe length while 12 inches is considered as medium length.

Lightweight and comfortable: According to the grill experts the lightweight the better because it will be easily movable while rinsing and cleaning.

Easy to use: Ease of use depends on overall structure and facts of the bristle free grill brush.

Some provision to hang up: Being able to hang up the grill brush when not in use is greatly convenient for storage. Do make sure that the grill you buy has a hook so that you can hang up after use. It could either be a strong leather string or a metal loop.

Integrated scraper: Occasionally we forget to clean our grates after grilling. That creates very tough and hard to remove the crust. These hard solid crusts can’t be removed by grill brush. That’s when you will find scraper a handy tool. A scraper is a tough solid cleaning tool that is either curved or sharp that fits perfectly around individual bars of your grate and removes hard-baked residue that the brush is simply incapable of removing.

Plenty of brushes in the market have scraper along with with that cost juadt a little bit extra cost.  You should try to buy a brush that has a scraper with it. It will serve your purpose great.

Gimmicks: There lots of extras added with the grill that makes no sense at all.Basically, these are gimmicks that are useless. For example, “robot grill cleaners” have a swift bottle attached with them.

The only extra that you should consider is the scraper. NOTHING ELSE.

FAQ on the best thermometer for big green egg

1. Is it possible to use a meat thermometer in a big green egg?

Ans: There is no problem to use a meat thermometer in a big green egg because most of them are made safe for use in a big green egg or oven. You can keep the thermometer inside the big green egg while cooking. Most of the meat thermometers are made to be stock in meat for 30 seconds to assess the doneness of the meat.  It would be better to check to read and check manuals or instructions that come along with the product.

However, the same cannot be said about low-quality thermometers that are also cheap. They will most probably melt at high temperature if kept inside big green eggs and ruin your pieces of meat in order to serve a great number of people.

2. Is the meat thermometer dishwasher safe for cleaning?

Ans: No. The meat thermometers are not dishwasher safe. You can clean them manually. But it is not safe to soak them or put them in a dishwasher. When you push them inside uncooked meat, they get stained and so washing them after use becomes essential.

Furthermore, when inserted deep inside meat they also get contaminated by harmful microbes. So, make sure to use soap and water to get rid of the dirt and grease on the thermometer.

3. Can a meat thermometer be used to measure the temperature of oil?

Ans: yes. You can use a meat thermometer to measure the temperature of oil provided the oil temperature is yet to reach the smoking point temperature. Almost all meat thermometer can read temperature up to a maximum of 400 Fahrenheit. Therefore, a meat thermometer can provide an accurate reading of oil temperature as long as it doesn’t exceed the maximum measurement point.

4. Can I use a meat thermometer for candy?

Ans: Yes, you can check the temperature of candy during it’s making. Temperature plays a critical role in candy making. And you can use a meat thermometer with a prone to measure the temperature of candy while on fire.

5. Can I use a meat thermometer to measure room temperature especially in the kitchen?

Ans:  No. It is not possible to check room temperature using a meat thermometer because it won’t give a precise reading. Reading accurate room/kitchen temperature is essential for various types of cooking especially for baking. It is essential to know the room temperature for making a fresh loaf of bread in the kitchen. Bread will crumble when it is done if an accurate reading of the room/kitchen temperature cannot be ensured.

6. Can a meat thermometer measure the temperature of humans?

Ans:  It would most possibly work but would need an incredibly long time to do so. The reason is that like thermometers used in human bodies that contain liquid materials like mercury or lead, the meat thermometers are made of metals. Moreover, most of the meat thermometers are not made in a way to be calibrated. All these would contribute to an inaccurate reading.

7. How do I know my thermometer is working properly?

Ans: Insert the thermometer’s stem at least 1 inch deep inside cold water without letting it reach the bottom of the glass. Then wait for a maximum of 1 minute for the thermometer to register. Your thermometer will be accurate if it registers/shows 32 Fahrenheit / 0 Celsius.

8. How do you fix a stuck thermometer?

Ans: You can fix your stuck thermometer by heating it. Heating the thermometer bulb is often the most successful and fastest method of column separation repairing. You can apply the eat by holding the bulb under a faucet of hot running water or putting it in a pan of water which is getting heated slowly.

9. What is the danger zone for bacteria?

Ans: This is a food SAFETY issue. The danger zone refers to the temperature range in which bacteria in food can grow. According to the United States, Food Safety and Inspection Services (FSiIS), the danger zone range is approximately 4.45 to 60 Celsius (40.01 to 140.00 Fahrenheit).

10. How long will the green egg hold heat?

Ans: When lighting the charcoal keep all the vents as well as the lid wide open for 7-10 minutes. Then close all of them to bring the desired temperature to the big green egg. This will take another 15-20 minutes in summer and a bit longer in winter. After the big green egg gets hot, burp it before opening it completely.

11. How do you remove the wireless thermometer from the big green egg?

Ans: Carefully remove the dome thermometer from the big green egg by simply pulling it out. The metal clip on the inside of the dome will fall. Therefore, set something inside the big green egg to catch it.

12. What should I look for in a big green egg?

Ans: It should be as adaptable as the big green egg, be able to help you control temperature, be faster than dial probe or such other thermometer, help the griller in advanced cooking as well as easy to use.

Final Thoughts

There is no shortage of different types of grill brush in the market. But this buyer guide has shortlisted best bristle free grill brush available in the market. This will help you to navigate through the plethora of grill brushes without bristle and finally pick the best suitable one for you with supreme confidence and ease.

However, before buying your grill brush you must  keep in mind the size and shape of your grill as well as the effort you have to put into cleaning.

Like every piece of equipment, your grill also warrants regular cleaning and maintenance. By the virtue of a top class grill brush you can keep your free from rancid grease and built-up carbon. That will keep your grill in good shape and make it durable and long lasting  that will serve you best years after years.

Moreover, you can never leave the health safety issue unattended.  Therefore, it is highly important that you buy the brush that doesn’t leave dangerous steel wires in your food.

Regardless of which one you choose from the above-mentioned list, all of them will serve your purpose very well by keeping your grill spotlessly clean.

However, I/we strongly believe that 1. GRILLART 18″ Grill Brush or 3. Kona safe clean grill brush is most highly rated and recommended among all the brushes in the list. We believe they are the best safe grill brushes without bristle in our guide list.

Everyone loves to enjoy grilled food. However, the same cannot be said about the cleanup. And the prime way to do that is by best bristle free grill brush. Since wired grilled brushes have been getting into scary publicity. This is true, especially for the poor-quality ones. They leave out dangerous metal wires on the grill which then fall in the food and finally enter into the stomach! That is really scary, indeed.

So, what can be done to avoid these dangerous wires from getting into stomach? Is there any to avoid these pesky wires?

Yes, off course. You can simply use one of those bristleless grill brush and you can enjoy your grilled meals with peace of mind.

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